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Excellent Panfish bite in the Alexandria Lakes Area!

By Joe Scegura | February 5, 2018

  As we work our way into late season ice fishing the bite is right on track with what I’d call typical.  The walleye bite is slowing down and the panfish are stealing the show.  We have nearly two feet of great ice and almost no snow, so it’s a great year to own an… Continue Reading

For Valentine’s Day : Give the Gift of a Romantic Getaway!

By Explore Alexandria | February 1, 2018

Love is in the air! It’s that time of year again to remind the ones we love how much they mean to us. Flowers and candy are safe bets, but the gift of memories on a romantic getaway to Alexandria is always a winner! There are plenty of great lodging options from comfy hotels to unique resorts and bed & breakfasts to spice… Continue Reading

Plentiful Walleye, Crappie & Sunfish Action in Alexandria Lakes!

By Joe Scegura | January 19, 2018

The Alexandria Lakes Area continues to put out some very nice fish!  Walleye, crappie and sunfish have all been plentiful!  We’ve had a series of cold fronts come through over the past couple weeks.  Before the fronts the fishing has been amazing with very active fish and after the front, as expected, the fishing has… Continue Reading

2 for 1 Skiing or Snowboarding!

By Explore Alexandria | January 12, 2018

  Winter fun is in full swing at Andes Tower Hills! Featuring numerous downhill runs and lifts ranging from beginner to expert, and equipment rentals and lessons onsite. Take advantage of the 2 for 1 Weekend special! You’ll get two days of ski or snowboard rentals, plus lift tickets (regular price) for the price of… Continue Reading

January Starting off with Excellent Ice Fishing!

By Joe Scegura | January 8, 2018

The ice is thick and so are the fish!  Most of the lakes I’ve checked have 18” or more of solid ice on them.  There are wheel houses and trucks as far as the eye can see around the area.  Some of the lakes have established ice roads and others only have a few anglers… Continue Reading

Decent Bite of Walleye and Panfish in Alexandria Area Lakes

By Joe Scegura | December 27, 2017

Not much has changed since last week, other than the ice has gotten thicker.  I’m finding 8″-12″ of ice nearly everywhere now, except for the few spots that froze over late.  Keep an eye out for these areas.  The easiest way to spot the thinner ice is by the noticeable difference in snow cover.  As… Continue Reading

Alexandria Area Lakes forming Good Ice

By Joe Scegura | December 18, 2017

The ice around the Alexandria Area is shaping up nicely.  There is around 8 inches of ice on most of the lakes.  Of course there are some thinner areas that froze over later, but for the most part you can find good fishable ice on most of the lakes… but still use extreme caution and… Continue Reading

Give the Gift of Memories this Holiday Season…and Let Us Help!

By Explore Alexandria | December 11, 2017

If you’re thinking about what to give your family or loved one this holiday season……consider a getaway to the Alexandria Lakes Area! The gift of fun experiences and memories with the ones you love is certain to be a winner! Imagine the fun on a family vacation or a romantic getaway with that special someone:… Continue Reading

Fish-able Ice Present on Some Lakes, but ALWAYS use Caution

By Joe Scegura | December 8, 2017

Currently the ice conditions in the Alexandria lakes area are very inconsistent. (1″-10″ thick)  To tell you how widespread the varying conditions are, we have lakes with wheel houses on them and lakes that just completely froze over in the last 48hrs.  For the most part there is fishable ice around the edges of most… Continue Reading

Ice slowly Capping Over Lakes

By Joe Scegura | December 1, 2017

I wish I had more to report but with the unseasonable weather it’s been an uneventful few weeks. We are nearly at the same place we were the last time I reported, except warmer!  On the bright side, it is getting very difficult to find a place to launch a boat around the Alexandria area. … Continue Reading

Early Winter Fishing Update

By James Feist | November 13, 2017

Winter certainly seems to have arrived! With colder than average temps and strong winds there have been very few boats out on the water.  On the nicer days it really hasn’t been too cold out there.  If you bundle up warm it’s no colder than ice fishing, only you’re in a boat!  Of course the… Continue Reading

Fishing Update for End of October

By Joe Scegura | October 27, 2017

The fishing the past couple weeks has been very good.  I was hitting the smallmouth very hard with amazing success but I’ve recently moved onto walleye and crappie.  The smallmouth are still biting but they are now deeper than they were earlier in the month.  They will be looking for a large slow moving baits… Continue Reading

Smallmouth Bass on a Feeding Fury in Alexandria Lakes Area!

By Joe Scegura | October 9, 2017

The fishing continues to be amazing!  I really think the smallmouth fishing has been getting better every year.  These fish are on an absolute terror right now.  The average sized fish is 17”-19” and they are in high numbers.  The largest fish recently went well over 6 pounds!  It was 23” long with a 17”… Continue Reading

Alexandria Lakes Area on the Brink of Peak Fall Colors!

By James Feist | October 5, 2017

If you are looking to take in all the glory of autumn colors….GET READY! The Alexandria Lakes Area should be reaching peak fall color very soon! It’s difficult to predict exactly when the peak will be, but we know the colors are looking great right now and are accelerating in their rate of change. (Click… Continue Reading

Fall Colors Progressing Beautifully in Alexandria Lakes Area

By James Feist | September 28, 2017

The autumn season is turning out to be absolutely delightful in the lakes area! The weather has been summer-like for a large portion and now it looks like the fall temps between 60s-70s will be here for a while to accompany the beautiful autumn hues. Grab your sweatshirts, hot pumpkin spice drinks and pull up… Continue Reading

Aggressive Fall Bite in the Alexandria Lakes Area

By Joe Scegura | September 26, 2017

Fishing  over the last two weeks has been down right outstanding!  There are reports of amazing crappie, walleye and smallmouth catches coming in.  The fish are biting like it’s fall even though we have summer weather,  It’s hard to beat that combination!   I’ve been guiding for smallmouth lately and they are extremely aggressive.  We… Continue Reading

Mid September Fall Color Update

By James Feist | September 19, 2017

The autumn hues are really starting to pop up around the Alexandria Lakes Area! I have been seeing colors beginning to start up since Labor Day (click here for that update), and they have been slowly progressing ever since. Cool overnight temperatures along with plenty of bright and sunny days will help accelerate the pace… Continue Reading

Great Places to Enjoy Fall Colors in the Alexandria Lakes Area

By James Feist | September 12, 2017

The Autumn Season is arriving in Minnesota, and it’s one of the best times of the year to get out and explore the Alexandria Lakes Area! Not only are there tons of things to do and great places to stay, the colorful hues from the diverse tree species makes for spectacular displays to accompany your favorite activities! Here is… Continue Reading

First Signs of Fall Colors Appearing in the Alexandria Lakes Area

By James Feist | September 11, 2017

There is something truly special about this time of year, whether it’s the warmth of a crackling fire on an autumn night, a visit to a pumpkin patch or the spectacular displays of changing colors on the trees. Autumn is certainly well on its way! But don’t fret about the end of summer, the Alexandria… Continue Reading

Variety of Fish on the Bite for Late August

By Joe Scegura | August 23, 2017

There is a pretty strong mixed bag of fish being caught in the Alexandra area right now.  The sunfish and crappie bites seem to be the most consistent, while the walleye action remains fair for most anglers. For every great day of walleye fishing there seems to be another day where the bite is much… Continue Reading

Chase after Numerous Fish Species in the Lakes Area

By Joe Scegura | August 4, 2017

The walleye fishing in the Alexandria Lakes Area has been a little more hit-and-miss lately. We are still seeing some amazing catches coming in but there are more days here and there where the bite is a little slower for walleye. I expect this hot and cold bite to continue into October. We are still… Continue Reading

Explore the Alexandria Lakes Area at the Big Ole Bicycle Festival!

By Explore Alexandria | August 3, 2017

Join the Big Ole Bike Club for a new event in the lakes area! The Big Ole Bicycle Festival will provide outdoor fun, friendly competition for those who wish, bike safety and more while cycling experts of the Alexandria Area get you out to explore great routes on your bike! Some of the locations will… Continue Reading

Strong Walleye Bite in the Alexandria Lakes Area

By Joe Scegura | July 24, 2017

The walleye fishing in Alexandria still remains very strong.  In fact the past week has been as good as it gets.  We were able to catch quality limits for every angler that entered the boat!  As well as some big fish to let go!  It’s important to note that catching walleye at this rate in… Continue Reading

Take a 360 Virtual Tour of the Alexandria Lakes Area!

By James Feist | July 13, 2017

The Alexandria Lakes Area possesses hundreds and hundreds of fantastic Things to Do among all the natural beauty…whether it’s a fun family outing, romantic getaway or outdoor adventure. Enjoy the following 360-degree perspectives from adventures and attractions around the lakes area, but you really have to visit it person to give it justice! For the… Continue Reading

Tracking Down Walleyes on the Move

By Joe Scegura | June 23, 2017

The walleye fishing remains quite good around the Alexandria area.  Since my last report the fish have been on the move.  They went from holding in 12’-17’ of water in the weeds, to roaming the outside weed edge in 18’-24’.  Anytime you have moving fish you have to be willing to move with them.  I… Continue Reading

“This is the Best Walleye Fishing We’ve Ever Had!”

By Joe Scegura | June 9, 2017

The fishing the past week has been nothing short of amazing!  As my clients said, “this was the best walleye fishing we have ever had” and “I had no idea walleye fishing could be this good so close to the Twin Cities”.  Then there is my personal favorite, “this is better than Canada!”  Our average… Continue Reading

Walleye Bite Heating Up in the Alexandria Lakes Area

By Joe Scegura | May 25, 2017

Walleye fishing in Alexandria has remained pretty good over the past week.  The weather has been all over the board recently and the water temps have actually dropped since the MN Opener.  Some days are better than others, but the anglers that have been braving the weather are finding some very nice walleye.  Most of… Continue Reading

Share Your Pics and WIN on Little Ole’s BIG summer tour!

By Brenan Chase | May 25, 2017

It’s Little Ole’s BIG summer tour! It took over 50 years, but Big Ole’s brother finally came back to the Alexandria Lakes Area to be reunited. Ok, maybe Little Ole isn’t actually the brother of our 28 foot Viking standing guard at Big Ole Park, but we all can have lots of fun with it!… Continue Reading

Legacy of the Lakes Museum :: New Season, New Exhibits

By Explore Alexandria | May 23, 2017

The Legacy of the Lakes Museum in Alexandria is open for the season on May 23 with a mix of new exhibits, old favorites and an updated look. Over the winter, the Museum installed new lighting to better showcase its antique wooden and fiberglass boats, exhibits featuring classic Minnesota resorts, the popular fishing gallery and… Continue Reading

Fantastic Fishing Ahead in the Alexandria Lakes Area

By Joe Scegura | May 19, 2017

Once again, we had a great opener in Alexandria!  We had some tremendous weather and fishing this past weekend.  The water temps are nearing 60 deg, so there are quite a few lakes kicking out some very nice fish.  There were plenty of eater sized walleye 15″-18″ caught as well as a decent number of… Continue Reading

Spring Panfish Bite Heating Up!

By Joe Scegura | April 19, 2017

The spring panfish bite is shaping up nicely.  Water temps in the shallow bays are in the mid 50’s, so there are more fish moving into these bays every day.  I generally notice sunfish moving in first and the crappie to follow.  Most areas I’ve been fishing now have crappie, so now is the time… Continue Reading

Package Deal :: An Alexandria Experience “To Die For”

By Explore Alexandria | April 10, 2017

Get a fun and entertaining experience in the Alexandria Lakes Area at one low package price! On top of all the great things to do in the lakes area, take advantage of this excellent deal to explore great theatre, entertainment and food. You get everything for the low price of $49 per ticket!  All the… Continue Reading

20 Must-Do Summer Activities in the Alexandria Lakes Area

By James Feist | April 6, 2017

Without a doubt, summers in the Alexandria Lakes Area are absolutely fantastic! Having over 350 lakes and a plethora of outdoor recreational opportunities makes the area a prime destination for summer vacations. There are so many experiences and activities you simply can’t miss while you explore Alexandria in the summer, so we put together this list… Continue Reading

The Ice Season Ends, Anglers Now Casting from Shore

By Joe Scegura | March 29, 2017

The ice is definitely melting off most lakes now.  When I wrote my report last week it was snowing and you could get out on many of the lakes in Alexandria.  Now today as I type, there are only a handful of lakes that are remotely safe to fish.  I still think hardcore anglers will… Continue Reading

Using Caution, Some Fish-able Ice Can be Found

By Joe Scegura | March 24, 2017

Spring has begun and some days it even feels like it.  As much as everyone wants the lakes to completely melt it looks like we may have areas with ice for some time yet.  Even with highs in the low 40’s, we haven’t been melting much ice with lows below freezing at night.  The forecast… Continue Reading

Celebrating Big Ole through the Years

By Explore Alexandria | March 15, 2017

Alexandria’s famed and beloved Viking statue Big Ole will turn 52 years old this April! He has had a long history over all those years in Alexandria, including slightly different looks and locations. During most of 2016 Big Ole underwent structural repairs and got a new paint coat, adding yet another chapter to his long… Continue Reading

Aggressive Bite Still Going on the Ice

By Joe Scegura | March 10, 2017

The ice is still holding up quite well around the Alexandria lakes area.  If we keep getting these cold snaps we should have fishable ice for a couple weeks or more yet.  Currently, many of our lakes have very good ice conditions with a quality 12”-15”+ of ice.  Any place there is running water of… Continue Reading

Early March Ice Update

By Joe Scegura | March 3, 2017

The ice fishing walleye season has come and gone once again.  Being the season is really only 2-3 months long it does seem to fly by for most anglers.  I know my family was sad to see it go, but that only means we are closer to the spring walleye opener!  There’s always something to… Continue Reading

Ice Conditions & Fishing Report for Late February

By Joe Scegura | February 24, 2017

We finally have some cooler weather in the forecast.  It probably won’t be making much ice, but at least we won’t be losing it.  The ice in the area is still quite good except for lakes with larger creeks or rivers running through them.  These lakes are looking quite dark and are pulling away from… Continue Reading

Entertainment & Dinner Discount Packages!

By Explore Alexandria | February 20, 2017

Eat, Discover & be Entertained in the Alexandria Lakes Area at one low package price! On top of all the great things to do in the lakes area, the beginning of March will feature some great theatre entertainment not to miss. You get everything for the low price of $35 per ticket!  All the details… Continue Reading

Late February Ice Update and Fishing Tips

By Joe Scegura | February 17, 2017

I’d like to start off with the question that’s on everyone’s mind… how is the ice??  Well as of today we have still been making ice.  There has been zero melting across the Alexandria area.  The ice is as safe as it ever has been with 24”-30”.  After the forecasted rain this coming Monday-Tuesday I… Continue Reading

Catch Cupid’s Arrow in Alexandria for Valentine’s Weekend

By Explore Alexandria | February 8, 2017

Love is in the air! It’s that time of year again to remind the ones we love how much they mean to us. For Valentine’s Day we shower our loved ones with flowers, chocolates and surprises. While the flowers and candy are safe bets, many of us may struggle with the surprise part. Luckily Cupid’s… Continue Reading

Tracking Down Walleye in Early February

By Joe Scegura | February 4, 2017

The ice around the Alexandria area continues to get thicker by the day and over all the ice is in excellent shape.  There is around 18”-24” of quality ice across the Alexandria lakes area.  There is little to no snow on the ice, so getting around is not a problem. The walleye fishing is getting… Continue Reading

Alexandria Area’s Winter Activities in the Great Outdoors

By James Feist | January 27, 2017

Most of us know how AMAZING summer and autumn is in Alexandria, Minnesota. Outdoor adventures are plentiful with over 300 lakes, numerous public parks and miles and miles of different types of trails. Just as the seasons turn and change, so does the many changing faces of all that outdoor fun! You’ll be amazed at… Continue Reading

Share your Big Fish Pictures!

By Joe Scegura | January 23, 2017

The fishing this past weekend was great once again.  There was plenty of action with some very nice fish being caught.  The same baits and general areas I noted in previous reports are still producing.  I plan to bring my own kids out to try our luck. As good as the fishing has been, we have… Continue Reading

Ice Fishing Tips and Updates for Early January

By Joe Scegura | January 13, 2017

The ice is getting better by the day.  I’ve found anywhere from 13″-20″ of solid ice.  Most lakes have significant vehicle traffic with some plowed roads.  If you have 4 wheel drive you should be able to get around off road fairly well. Walleye are biting well in 15′-30′ feet of water near points or… Continue Reading

Excellent Fishing and Ice Thickness Update

By Joe Scegura | December 29, 2016

The ice conditions continue to improve.  The warm temps last week didn’t hurt a thing.  In fact they may have helped by melting most of the insulating snow.  Here are samplings of ice thicknesses across the area.  *Note these ice thicknesses were taken 200-300yrds out from the public accesses so thicknesses will vary in other… Continue Reading

Walleye and Crappie Action Heats Up as Good Ice Forms

By Joe Scegura | December 20, 2016

Currently there is about 6”-7” of ice on most bodies of water. (excluding the “deep” lakes like Ida, Miltona, Latoka and Carlos.)  There is 2-6” of snow on the ice with some drifting.  The snow is definitely slowing down the making of the ice, but most places there is still plenty of ice to get… Continue Reading

Ice Update for Alexandria Area Lakes

By Joe Scegura | December 12, 2016

We have ice! My post last week predicted some nice ice to form and covered some safety precautions when venturing out on early ice. Well, there were a lot more people out fishing this past weekend than I would have guessed.  There was a solid 6-8” of ice on the small-medium sized lakes around the… Continue Reading

Ice Beginning to Form on Area Lakes

By Joe Scegura | December 8, 2016

It’s been a long wait for some of us.  Too cold for many to fish from a boat but not cold enough to make ice.  The wait is almost over! We have had very cold temps this week, but it’s been too windy to make ice on most bodies of water.  That is until last… Continue Reading

Holiday Season Celebrations and Events

By Explore Alexandria | November 30, 2016

It’s the time of year again to take in holiday season events from music and plays to the simply joys of beautiful seasonal decorations. On top of special events, there are also great ways to enjoy the season with fun outdoor Winter Activities in Alexandria! To help you make the most of the season we have a list of 17 holiday… Continue Reading

November Fishing Report

By Joe Scegura | November 15, 2016

I don’t think anyone can say they anticipated temperatures like this in mid November.  There have been years we’ve had a significant amount of ice by now, but there are still boat lifts and docks out.  Usually deer hunting week there are very few, if any boats out on the water.  This year there were… Continue Reading

Excellent Bass Season shifts to Fall Walleye

By Joe Scegura | October 25, 2016

  We finished off the smallmouth season this past week and it was one of the best seasons I’ve had since I started guiding trophy smallmouth.  We boated a staggering number of large smallmouth with over 50 fish reaching trophy status, 20″ plus!!  The smallmouth are still biting but they are moving much slower.  They’re… Continue Reading

Collection of YOUR Fall Color Photo Submissions!

By Explore Alexandria | October 23, 2016

The autumn season in the Alexandria lakes area has been outstanding in 2016! Great weather complimented an extremely long fall foliage season which lasted from early September to late October. Explore Alexandria wanted to see all your great photos while exploring autumn around Alexandria, so we ran a contest which got users submitted by tagging… Continue Reading

Trophy Bass on a Rampage this Fall

By Joe Scegura | October 7, 2016

Amazing!   That’s probably the best way to describe the smallmouth fishing right now.  We have been boating 100’s of big smallmouth 17”-20” with dozens of them going 20”-22”!  Anything over 20” is a true beast of a fish, so this year has truly been something special.  In all of the years I have been… Continue Reading

Peak Fall Colors Arriving Soon in Alexandria Area

By James Feist | October 6, 2016

The autumn season in the Alexandria lakes area continues to be absolutely delightful! The fall foliage season has been very long in the area and continues to be accompanied by mild, sunny days. A perfect equation for extremely enjoyable fall excursions! You will find some suggestions of great places to visit in the area here,… Continue Reading

Alexandria Area Beginning to Display Great Fall Colors

By James Feist | September 22, 2016

It’s always a delightful treat to be able to explore the great outdoors among great fall color displays. Luckily for the Alexandria lakes area, there are many different species of trees all over that typically will allow for a long season of color hunting. I have been seeing autumn hues popping up all over the… Continue Reading

Hungry Bass are on the Bite!

By Joe Scegura | September 20, 2016

The next few weeks’ reports are going to look very similar, because the big bass are on fire and there’s no end in sight!  I have said this for years, but the smallmouth fishing we have in Central MN is world class and this past weekend proves it.  The BASS Master Classic was on Mille Lacs last… Continue Reading

Fall Bass Feeding Frenzy!

By Joe Scegura | September 14, 2016

The fall smallmouth season for me is officially underway.  The fish are aggressive as ever and are willing to hit most lures.  As we continue through the next 6 weeks these fish will go from their fit-looking figures to an almost football shaped body.  Like most species, smallmouth are programmed to feed heavily before winter… Continue Reading

Alexandria Area Fall Color Update (with pictures)

By James Feist | September 8, 2016

Don’t you just love fall?! Whether it’s the warmth of a crackling fire on an autumn night, a visit to a pumpkin patch or the spectacular displays of changing colors on the trees… there is something about this time of year that makes it special. Now that school is back in session and Labor Day… Continue Reading

15 Places to enjoy Fall Colors around Alexandria

By James Feist | September 2, 2016

Without question, Autumn is one of the best times of the year to get out and explore Alexandria, Minnesota. Not only are there tons of things to do and great places to stay, the colorful hues from the diverse tree species around the lakes area make for spectacular displays to accompany your favorite activities! Here is… Continue Reading

Share Your Fall Color Photos and WIN!!

By Explore Alexandria | September 1, 2016

The Alexandria lakes area is home to over 300 lakes, dozens of trails, many public parks and endless opportunities for outdoor recreation. On top of that, the area has a great diversity of tree species which makes it a great area to enjoy fall colors. Autumn is a fleeting time of year, with a fixed… Continue Reading

Fall Fishing Patterns for September

By Joe Scegura | August 29, 2016

Fall Fishing is on its way! Summer is quickly passing us by, but some of the best fishing is still on its way!  Through the month of September most fish will be transitioning into their fall patterns.  The walleye are already moving and changing habits daily.  One day you can catch a pile of walleye on leeches, the next day they want… Continue Reading

Walleye & Panfish Techniques for Late August

By Joe Scegura | August 19, 2016

The great fishing we’ve been having this summer continues!  Granted, the walleye fishing isn’t as easy as it was in June and July, but there are still reports of some very nice catches.  The majority of the walleye are being caught at dusk and dawn in 18-24’ with live bait.  The best techniques are still… Continue Reading

Early August Walleye Report

By Joe Scegura | August 6, 2016

Timing for hooking the most amount of walleye has changed recently as the daytime walleye bite has finally slowed around the Alexandria area. We are still getting good action in the low light time periods as well as the days that are breezier. In general though, the bite is much slower than we’ve been experiencing… Continue Reading

Big Ole through the Years

By Explore Alexandria | August 5, 2016

Alexandria’s famed and beloved Viking statue Big Ole, now 51 years old, has a long history including different looks and locations. Over the past year Big Ole has undergone structural repairs and a new paint coat, adding yet another chapter to his long history. Let’s take a look back at some of the past photos… Continue Reading

Late July Walleye in the Alexandria Area

By Joe Scegura | July 18, 2016

Anglers have had to dodge some rain over the last couple weeks but fishing was good for those who got out.  I’ve been able to find walleye in about every depth from shallow to deep, but the most fish seem to be in 18’-22’.  Live bait has still been my go to.  Leeches or crawlers on a… Continue Reading

July Walleye Report for the Alexandria Area

By Joe Scegura | July 8, 2016

After the beautiful weather over the July 4th holiday weekend we knew it had to come to an end…. and come to an end it did.  This past week has been a mix of storms and calm weather with blue bird skies.  As many walleye anglers know, when you have unpredictable weather you will have… Continue Reading

Walleye Movement for Early July

By Joe Scegura | June 29, 2016

The walleye fishing in late June has still been pretty good, but it is showing signs of change and perhaps a bit of slowing down.  Instead of easy limits everywhere and everyday… now the walleye are more sporadic.  Limits are still being had across the area but there are days where you have to work… Continue Reading

Paddle the Chain of Lakes at Big Ole SUP-athon

By James Feist | June 28, 2016

Calling all Stand-Up Paddleboards, Kayaks and Canoes! If you love to paddle the water, the 2nd Annual Big Ole SUP-athon is a must do! This fun and adventurous event is geared for paddlers of all skill levels from experts looking to push their limits to leisure paddlers looking for some beautiful scenery on great water… Continue Reading

Late June Walleye and Sunfish Tactics

By Joe Scegura | June 22, 2016

The fishing is still extremely good around the Alexandria area.  We’ve been catching most of our walleye in 16’-22’ of water on leeches.  A week ago the weeds were full of hungry walleye, and as each day passed you could see more and more fish migrate to the outside weed edge.  There are still fish… Continue Reading

Early June Walleye Tactics

By Joe Scegura | June 1, 2016

The fishing over the holiday weekend was very productive and continues to be excellent!  Most people are reporting good numbers of walleye 14”-19” with some lakes even kicking out a few larger fish to throw back. Water temps are rising fast, so you will start see the walleye transition away from minnows and show a… Continue Reading

2016 Walleye Season off to a Great Start

By Joe Scegura | May 24, 2016

We have one week of walleye fishing in the books and it’s starting off great!  There are numerous lakes around the Alexandria area kicking out walleye.  Opening day was cool and windy, but those that braved the weather were more than rewarded.  There were reports of high catch rates of walleye in all sizes.  Our… Continue Reading

Walleye Fishing Tip: Picking the right Jig for the Job

By Joe Scegura | May 19, 2016

When fishing a jig and minnow for walleye there are a few things I like to consider when selecting the correct jig.  The first thing is picking the correct weight.  Generally, you like a jig that is as light as possible yet still make contact with the bottom.  The second is color, this is a… Continue Reading

Alexandria Through A Camera Lens

By Tyler Golberg | May 4, 2016

I’ve never claimed to be a photographer. I admitted as much in the aerial tour post. I can, however, appreciate great photography of those who have honed their skills for years. The following are photos from local photographers highlighting some of their best work of the beautiful Alexandria area. There are the obligatory lake photos, but there is also much more.… Continue Reading

Panfish Report and Walleye Forecast!

By Joe Scegura | May 2, 2016

Well, it’s the first of May and it actually feels like it! We’ve had rather inconsistent weather up until this point and it really hasn’t warmed up for any length of time.  That has made crappie fishing the past month much more difficult than it should be.  If it was nice and warm for a… Continue Reading

{PROOF} – Award-Winning Show Playing at AAAA Theatre

By Explore Alexandria | April 26, 2016

This Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award-winning drama is an elegant and engaging story of obsession, intellect, the struggles of mental illness and family bonding.  This is a brilliant show that has gotten tremendous feedback from audiences. It will make you think, make you laugh, and make you feel! After the first weekend of showings, audiences… Continue Reading

Big Crappie Report – Alexandria

By Joe Scegura | March 30, 2016

Well it’s hard to believe only a few weeks ago there were ¾ ton pickups and 20 foot fish houses all over the lakes. Then, a week later we were down to ATV travel only.  Now there’s no evidence the ice even existed.  It was one of the fasted ice outs I can remember. The… Continue Reading

Late Season Walleye In Alexandria MN

By Joe Scegura | February 26, 2016

We are fast approaching the end of the walleye ice fishing season and the deadline to leave houses unattended overnight. Normally during this time of year the walleye bite is hit and miss at best, and most anglers usually move on to crappie or sunfish.  This year, on the other hand, we have been experiencing… Continue Reading

Central Lakes Trail Conditions: Almost Clear!

By James Feist | February 25, 2016

You don’t have to double check your calendars, it’s February and we’re biking on a mostly snow-free Central Lakes Trail. The area has been experiencing unseasonably warm weather recently which has accelerated melting during an already low snowfall year. While I certainly enjoy riding the streets and frozen lakes during the winter, I just can’t… Continue Reading

Catch Cupid’s Arrow in Alexandria Valentine’s Weekend

By Explore Alexandria | February 5, 2016

Love is in the air! It’s time to remind the ones we love just how much they mean to us. Valentine’s Day is full of flowers, chocolates and surprises. While the flowers and candy are safe bets, many of us may struggle with the surprise. Luckily Cupid’s arrow never misses in Alexandria, so make it… Continue Reading

Alexandria Ice Update and Fishing Report

By Joe Scegura | January 27, 2016

Current Ice and Travel Conditions – With the cool temps we are making some good ice. Along with that we only have about 6”-8” of snow cover, so travel on the lakes has been quite easy. Small Lakes and Bays – Have 18”-24” of ice. Medium Lakes – Have around 14”-16” of ice Large Lakes… Continue Reading

The Spectacular Tradition Continues

By Explore Alexandria | January 15, 2016

If you were around from 1974 to 1985, you may remember a legendary snowmobile race in Alexandria called the Dayco Holiday Spectacular. It started in 1974 by Alexandria native, magazine publisher and Snowmobile Hall of Famer Jim Beilke . At the time most of the snowmobile races were held in Wisconsin, Michigan, West Yellowstone, Canada… Continue Reading

Alexandria’s Winter Activities in the Great Outdoors

By James Feist | January 9, 2016

Most of us know how AMAZING the summers are in Alexandria, Minnesota. Excellent outdoor opportunities are plentiful with over 300 lakes, numerous public parks and miles and miles of different types of trails. Just as the seasons turn and change, so does the many changing faces of all that outdoor fun! You’ll be amazed at… Continue Reading

New Year’s Ice Update and Fishing Report

By Joe Scegura | January 8, 2016

Report as of 1/8/16 Here are the current ice conditions for the Alexandria area. I’ll break this ice report into three categories… small, medium and large lakes. SMALL LAKES AND BAYS Many of the small lakes around the area have 10”-12”+ of ice. There are plenty of permanent houses on these lakes and we are… Continue Reading

2015 Christmas Ice Fishing Report

By Joe Scegura | December 22, 2015

We have ice again! After the mild temps last week we are back to winter. This past weekend with lows in the single digits most of the medium to large lakes froze over. There are only a couple inches of ice on those lakes, but many shallow lakes and bays have 4-6” on them. Anglers that… Continue Reading

2015 Alexandria Area Ice Conditions

By Joe Scegura | December 5, 2015

Well, I wish I had a report of fishable ice for you, but Mother Nature just won’t make up her mind. Our small to mid-sized lakes have frozen over and blown open a couple times now.  The smaller bodies of water that have kept their ice received around 4” of wet snow this week, so… Continue Reading

16 Holiday Season Celebrations in Alexandria, MN

By Explore Alexandria | December 1, 2015

From great Holiday Season events to fun outdoor Winter Activities, there are hundreds of great ways to enjoy the Holiday Season this winter in Alexandria! Our website’s Winter Guide will help you plan some fun activities, but here is a list of 15 Holiday Season celebrations and events in Alexandria, MN! Find more information on our Events Calendar.… Continue Reading

Alexandria Fall Fishing – Bass, Crappie & Walleye

By Joe Scegura | November 6, 2015

The beautiful mild weather has made this fall one of the nicest I can remember here in Alexandria. With consistent highs in the 50’s and 60’s, I’ve noticed a record number of anglers still out on the water enjoying the fishing.  Instead of just a couple adult diehard anglers in a few boats, I’ve been… Continue Reading

Alexandria on the brink of peak Fall Colors

By James Feist | October 9, 2015

The autumn season in Alexandria has been absolutely delightful thus far. We’ve been enjoying the slow turning of fall colors since early September in addition to nice, warm sunny days. Since the fall season can be a very fleeting time of year, we welcome this with open arms! More pictures and information in the following… Continue Reading

Fall Small Mouth Feeding Frenzy!

By Joe Scegura | October 9, 2015

What’s better than catching hundreds and hundreds of huge small mouth bass…? If I think of something I’ll let you know! The past few weeks has been as good as it gets for fishing in general.  Beautiful weather, endless hard fighting action and the size of the fish has been outstanding. We’ve already caught numerous… Continue Reading

15 ways to Explore Alexandria MN in October

By James Feist | September 25, 2015

Ah yes, it’s that time of year again. Grab your favorite sweatshirt, a warm pumpkin latte and hit the road! There is plenty of fall fun in the Alexandria area from seeking fall colors to pumpkin patches and events. Here is a quick list of great things to do in October: 1. Foli-Ole Fall Festival… Continue Reading

Peak Fall Colors arriving soon in Alexandria Area

By James Feist | September 18, 2015

Catching fall colors at their peak can sometimes come with very short notice. As explained in my previous fall color blog, many different things contribute to the timing and intensity of autumn hues, with weather being on top of the list. Luckily for us we are at the beginning phases of color change with the… Continue Reading

Fall Color Update for Alexandria, MN (with pictures)

By James Feist | September 8, 2015

Autumn is in the air! Now that school is back in session and Labor Day has come, we are on the cusp of another spectacular fall season in Alexandria. Regardless of the intensity of the hues, one thing is always for sure… slightly cooler temperatures make for a perfect outdoor excursion! When it comes to… Continue Reading

“Hamlet: A Viking Adaptation” surprises Alexandria Farmers Market

By Explore Alexandria | September 5, 2015

Sword fights, vikings, Scandinavian culture and a game of Kubb! If you stopped by the Alexandria Farmers Market on Saturday morning you may have noticed something unique. The cast from Hamlet: A Viking Adaptation stopped by to perform sword fights, play a game of Kubb and engage guests of the market. This special production will… Continue Reading

Walleye in the Dawg Days of Summer

By Joe Scegura | September 4, 2015

The fishing this past month was officially the best August walleye fishing I’ve ever had. We consistently had good numbers of quality fish and very few days where the bite was slow. Normally the month of August is a hit and miss month for walleye, so it was nice to put anglers on such a… Continue Reading

The Adventures of Lil’ Ole

By Explore Alexandria | September 2, 2015

It is safe to say there are people all over the country with family and roots in Alexandria, MN. That is especially the case for Laurel and Stewart Loew, who travelled across the country with a very special member of the Alexandria family…… Big Ole’s little brother, Lil’ Ole! We had some fun with the… Continue Reading

Late Summer Walleye Fishing In Alexandria

By Joe Scegura | August 4, 2015

The walleye fishing in the Alexandria area continues to be some of the best I’ve seen in years. Other than the occasional cold front which slows the bite for a day or two, the fishing has been very consistent. We’ve been able to catch a decent number of walleye nearly every time we hit the… Continue Reading

Aerial Tour of Alexandria Minnesota

By Tyler Golberg | July 28, 2015

The land of 10,000 lakes is perfectly embodied in Alexandria, Minnesota. Douglas County is home to over 300 lakes, but it is hard to truly grasp the landscape until you get a bird’s eye view. Some areas are surrounded by so many bodies of water that they almost look like islands. The map below was… Continue Reading

4th of July Fishing Report

By Joe Scegura | July 9, 2015

The fishing over the Holiday weekend was excellent!  The weather was great and the fish were hungry. The past couple weeks has been some of the best fishing of the year for me. I’ve heard reports of all species being very aggressive. Even on my evening trips it’s common to get numerous species. The majority of the walleye have… Continue Reading