Decent Bite of Walleye and Panfish in Alexandria Area Lakes

Not much has changed since last week, other than the ice has gotten thicker.  I’m finding 8″-12″ of ice nearly everywhere now, except for the few spots that froze over late.  Keep an eye out for these areas.  The easiest way to spot the thinner ice is by the noticeable difference in snow cover.  As of today the thinner areas I’ve found were free of snow.  From what I have seen these areas are located on the middle portion of the lake where the strong winds kept it open around the Thanksgiving time period.  These areas will become less and less of an issue as we move through winter.  For now just keep an eye out and check the ice thickness as you go and you will have no problem.

We are still having decent luck on walleye in 10′-25′ foot of water.  As always a minnow and a plain #2 or #4 hook is all you need.  I’ve also been catching them on 1/8oz jigging spoons like the Lindy Frostee.  Bounce these within a couple inches of the bottom as the sun rises or sets for the best chance at catching your walleye dinner.  The panfish bite has also been quite good.  Look in the shallow weeds during the day and the deeper basins in the evening.  I’ve heard of quite a few 14″+ crappie being caught and released.

We will be making a lot of ice over the next two weeks, so get those wheel houses ready!!  I think there will be a lot of vehicle traffic by early January.  Currently anglers are using ATV’s to move around the larger wheel houses.  Check the ice thickness often and go have some fun!

Joe Scegura is a fishing guru with years of experience and a guide for the Alexandria area lakes.

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