The Ice Season Ends, Anglers Now Casting from Shore

The ice is definitely melting off most lakes now.  When I wrote my report last week it was snowing and you could get out on many of the lakes in Alexandria.  Now today as I type, there are only a handful of lakes that are remotely safe to fish.  I still think hardcore anglers will get out on the ice for another few days, but for the most part the Alexandria area is done ice fishing.
The nice thing about the Alexandria area is we have a wide variety of lakes.  We currently have people fishing the last lakes with ice, while others are already fishing from shore catching shallow water crappie and sunfish.  The shallow open water areas are still a bit cold, but we have a lot of sun in the forecast so I expect a decent bite to be just around the corner.  Look for shallow, black bottom areas with moving water, they will always have the warmest water.  Between now and the walleye opener (May 13th) we will see crappie and sunfish move in and out of these areas feeding aggressively.  The bite will go hot and cold with the weather.  Generally the best bites happen after 2-3 days of warm calm weather.


Keep in mind, we have many places to fish from shore while we wait for the remaining ice to melt.  I would think there will be boats out and about very soon though.  Feel free to email me if you have any questions about fishing or current conditions.

Joe Scegura is a fishing guru with years of experience and a guide for the Alexandria area lakes.

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