Ice slowly Capping Over Lakes

I wish I had more to report but with the unseasonable weather it’s been an uneventful few weeks. We are nearly at the same place we were the last time I reported, except warmer!  On the bright side, it is getting very difficult to find a place to launch a boat around the Alexandria area.  Most of the lakes big and small are now capped over.  We are getting closer to ice fishing as each day passes, but we are just getting there slowly.

There has been a number of anglers hitting the ice, but I can’t say at this point there is any ice I’d encourage people to go out on.  Better wait until the ice gets more formed. The smaller bays and lakes have the best ice and even that is sporadic at 2″-6″ thick.  We do have some arctic weather on the way for next week, so I predict we will have many areas with good walkable ice already by next weekend.   As for fishing this weekend I’d say just hold off a week and you should be good to go!  Check back soon as I will be posting updated ice reports as mother nature continues to turn down the temperature!

Joe Scegura is a fishing guru with years of experience and a guide for the Alexandria area lakes.

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