Smallmouth Bass on a Feeding Fury in Alexandria Lakes Area!

The fishing continues to be amazing!  I really think the smallmouth fishing has been getting better every year.  These fish are on an absolute terror right now.  The average sized fish is 17”-19” and they are in high numbers.  The largest fish recently went well over 6 pounds!  It was 23” long with a 17” girth!  That is a true Giant!  Catching 50+ fish a day is common place at this point.  With water temps still hovering close to 60deg I expect this crazy bite to last well into October.


We are catching a decent number of walleye right along with the smallmouth.  The average walleye has been 16”-20”.  The walleye are being caught in many depths, but during the day 18-24’ has been producing best.  After dark I’d concentrate on 5’-8’ foot of water.


The crappie are getting more aggressive by the day as well.  I’m seeing large schools of crappie staging near deep water.  I will probably start targeting walleye and crappie a lot more as we get into late October.  The number of boats on the water recently has been quite low, so there hasn’t been a better time to enjoy a quiet fishing outing and enjoy the fall colors.  Good luck!

Joe Scegura is a fishing guru with years of experience and a guide for the Alexandria area lakes.

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