Walleye Bite Heating Up in the Alexandria Lakes Area

Walleye fishing in Alexandria has remained pretty good over the past week.  The weather has been all over the board recently and the water temps have actually dropped since the MN Opener.  Some days are better than others, but the anglers that have been braving the weather are finding some very nice walleye.  Most of the fish are perfect eating size at 14”-19”.  There are also some big fish 20”-28” being caught and released.

The best techniques have been anything involving a minnow.  Lindy rigs, bobbers or jigs all tipped with minnows have been kicking out fish.  The fish are holding in a wide variety of areas yet.  There seems to be fish scattered deep, holding right on drop offs and groups of hungry fish shallow.  It makes it a bit of a guessing game every time I hit the water.  I’d say most limits are coming from shallow water (5-10’), but they are the hardest to find.  There are also scattered fish of all sizes being caught in deep flat areas (20-30’).  These fish are easier to find but being they are scattered, so expect to catch fewer of them.

Over the next few weeks we will start to see a transition to leeches and night crawlers.  The same techniques will work, just switch out the bait and you will be all set.  As the water continues to warm and the weeds grow, more fish will start to migrate to the 15’-20’ range.  Look for new weed growth on a sand or rock bottom to find the best concentration of walleye.  The best walleye fishing in Alexandria is just around the corner!

Joe Scegura is a fishing guru with years of experience and a guide for the Alexandria area lakes.

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