Early Spring Events in Alexandria, MN

April 9, 2015    //    James Feist


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The spring season is plump full of anticipation with antsy people thinking about getting out, having fun and making memories. Here in Alexandria, it’s easier than ever to turn that anticipation into action! Although the weather can change quickly, Alexandria has been experiencing some nice spring weather lately, which has made some outdoor activities very fun and accessible for this time of year. Biking on the Central Lakes Trail has been going strong this spring, with many people enjoying clear trails for about a month already. Check out our latest blog about early spring biking on the trail for more info on that.
In addition to the opportunity for outdoor adventures, there are plenty of great events to enjoy this time of year as well. Below we’ve included some of the exciting events that April and early May have to offer:

sixth live music
Lots of ongoing live music! You’ll catch a great mix of music every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night at Sixth Avenue Wine & Ale. Additionally, Carlos Creek Winery has live music every Saturday afternoon from 2pm-6pm to go along with their tastings and tours.
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James Feist