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Live Radio Theatre

January 13, 2017  |  7:00 pm

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    January 13, 2017

    7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


About the Event

Join Lakes Area Radio Theatre and witness living history! Before television, radio variety shows were the primary source of entertainment. Lakes Area Radio Theatre keeps this tradition alive! Come see the live studio recordings of the shows!
Playing this month, it’s a quartet of magical ghost tales, time travel, murder, mayhem, trees that talk, and little boys who get the switch!

“Last Call” — It’s 2 am, and a guy keeps calling Nick’s phone and asking for Audrey, but Audrey is not there.   She’s never been there. She is dead, as is the caller.  What is Nick to do?  Will he ever get another good night sleep?  Find out, when you answer the “Last Call”.

“Big Ole” — Big Ole is more than just a statue in a park in Alexandria.  He hides a secret deep within that two children discover on a beautiful summer day.  What do they find?  Who do they find? You’ll never know if you are not at the performance of “Big Ole”.

“Time to Change” — Mallory and Tucker are messing with the past and the future. Tucker wants to save his wife’s life back in 1980, but maybe saving her is going to result in more changes than either one of them planned on or could foresee.

“Switch” — A young boy thinks his pesky little brother is at the root of the problem and why he always gets the “Switch” from his mother.  The tree he takes the switch from has other ideas, more than the little boy conceived of, but the tree has.  You’ll never look at an oak, a maple, or an ash the same way again, once you see  “Switch”.

Admission for all four shows is only $8.