Fall Color Hotspots in the Alexandria Lakes Area

September 3, 2019    //    James Feist


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2. Central Lakes Trail

Meandering through glacial hills, lakeside views, diverse woods and open prairie, the Central Lakes Trail provides 55 miles of paved adventure. Whether it’s biking, blading, running or walking, this trail is a must-do in the fall.

bike fall kripa Photo by James Feist
Nothing invigorates the autumn senses like crunchy leaves under your tires on crisp, sunny fall day! You’ll find lots of blaze red sumac along the trail to add to the scenery. Photo : James Feist
Aerial CLT Photo by Aerial Optics
There’s a beautiful stretch of trail 3-5 miles west of Alexandria’s Downtown. This photo shows a stretch of trail that passes by Lake Brophy, North Union Lake and Lake Stony. Photo : Aerial Optics
union fall pass maple Photo by James Feist
You can cover a lot of scenery on your bike in just a 5-mile radius of the trailhead. Photo : James Feist

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James Feist