Hungry Fish in their Summer Patterns

July 16, 2018    //    Joe Scegura

Big Walleye (Released)


We are well into the summer patterns at this point and the fish are hungry.  Sunfish, crappie, bass and northern have been fairly aggressive.  The walleye fishing also remains good, but the best time to catch them has been during the low light time periods.  Early morning and evening have produced a lot of big fish over the past few weeks.

With water in the 70’s it’s hard to believe but the sunfish have just wrapped up spawning.  There is a tremendous amount of 8”-8.5” blue gills around the area.  Catching enough for a meal has not been a difficult task at all.  Fishing with a plastic, small leech or worm have all been producing nice sunfish.  Look to weeds in 8’-16’ of water.

The crappie have been aggressive as well hitting small crankbaits and tube jigs trolled 1-2mph.  Troll right over the tops of weeds in 12’-16’ foot of water.  Once you locate them try a slower approach to really put some crappies in the boat.

My best techniques for walleye have been a lindy rig during daylight hours and a small crankbait after dark.  Use a lively leech or fresh nightcrawler on a lindy rig pulled at .2-.8mph along the weeds.  This technique has put 100’s of walleye in the boat this year already.  Concentrate on the outside edge of underwater points and inside turns.  These areas are generally where I find the walleye schooled up and active.

As always feel free to email or text me if you have questions.  Try to give me a few days to respond and I will do my best to get back to everyone!  Good Luck fishing!




Joe Scegura