Late January Ice Fishing Report

January 25, 2019    //    Joe Scegura

Nice 12 Crappie

Cold, cold, cold!  We are definitely making ice now.  Travel isn’t too bad out on the lakes right now.  Trucks and wheel houses can get around most everywhere. But getting stuck is a real possibility, so stick to where others have been driving.  We did get a few inches of snow during the last storm, but if you carry a shovel you shouldn’t have an issue.  Every day that goes by more and more roads will be plowed back open.  I was out driving around yesterday and I was able to get around ok.  It was actually easier driving off road at times because of the snow that drifted on to the old plowed roads.  The nice thing is there isn’t a lot of snow so if you do get stuck it’s generally not a major event.  Usually just backing up and picking a different route is enough to get you back on your way.   

The Bass and sunfish have been biting very well all day long.  A simple #12 jig and euro has been doing the trick for us.  I’d also recommend 2-3lb test line.  Our waters are very clear and these fish can be smart.  The crappies tend to come into the same panfish areas after dark.  All you have to do is put down a crappie minnow on a plain hook and wait.  Some lakes have a great bite right at dark where others bite all night long.  The average sized crappie for most of the lakes are 9”-11” with 12”-14”fish being quite common. 


The walleye fishing reports have been much fewer recently.  I think most of that has been due to travel being a bit difficult after the snow a few weeks ago.  Now that much of the snow has melted and refroze, I expect anglers to get back out after the walleye again.  The guys that have been going out have been doing very well.  One guy texted me that he has had a limit of walleye in short order his past two times out.  Shallow rocks in 15-20’ as well as deeper basin areas 25’-30’ have all been putting out walleye.



Joe Scegura