Mid September Fall Color Update

September 19, 2017    //    James Feist


The autumn hues are really starting to pop up around the Alexandria Lakes Area! I have been seeing colors beginning to start up since Labor Day (click here for that update), and they have been slowly progressing ever since. Cool overnight temperatures along with plenty of bright and sunny days will help accelerate the pace of progression along with helping entice vibrant colors from the leaves. Luckily for the Alexandria Lakes Area, there are many different species of trees to display many different variations of color. A few maples are already showing great colors and many of the ash trees are near peak with beautiful yellows. The area is currently between 10-20% changed, with areas in the open and within City a little further along than the densely forested areas. The end of September and early to mid October should be great times to catch our dazzling autumn hues, so don’t miss it! The following pictures were taken the week of September 12th-18th.

Lake Cowdry, as seen from the Central Lakes Trail, is starting to see some color come out from all the green.

A look at a section of the Central Lakes Trail by Lake Brophy. Nice yellows are popping on the trail with much of the red sumac nearing their peak. Definitely a great time to pedal the trail!

The color progression in the woods at Lake Carlos State Park is slightly behind the more open areas, but many of the taller trees towering over the forest are showing great color right now!

These young maples along the Hidden Lake Trail are getting very red! Very nice scenery with the green forest backdrop.

If you get out into the open on the Prairie Pothole Trail at Lake Carlos State Park you’ll see many autumn wildflowers at their peak!

The Forestry Trail at Lake Carlos State Park is one of my favorite spots for fall colors. This section glows yellow at the peak of autumn colors, and you can see above that there is still plenty of green ….probably a few more weeks before we reach peak. Make sure to check out our suggestions of 16 Great Places for Fall Colors to get ideas of where to go! Keep checking back for more updates! Have fun, stay connected and keep Exploring!



James Feist