First Signs of Fall Colors Appearing in the Alexandria Lakes Area

There is something truly special about this time of year, whether it’s the warmth of a crackling fire on an autumn night, a visit to a pumpkin patch or the spectacular displays of changing colors on the trees. Autumn is certainly well on its way! But don’t fret about the end of summer, the Alexandria Lakes Area typically has plenty of days with summer-like weather to complement fall fun. Make sure to check out these Great Places for Fall Colors around Alexandria for suggestions on where to explore!

As you will see in the following pictures, the trees in the area have started to change. When considering the timing of peak and intensity of the fall colors, there are many things to consider from precipitation, to sunshine, wind and more. Typically the best times to see fall colors at peak in the Alexandria area are from late September to early October. Last year the colors were fantastic well into October! I will post more color updates periodically through the season to help you plan your best time to explore! The following pictures were taken over the first part September:

A handful of maples in the area have begun to change at the tips. This is one within the city that is changing earlier than most others.

This smaller tree in Noonan Park got a jump start from all the others. As you can see there is still plenty of green in the park.

The sumac along the Central Lakes Trail is currently ranging from fully bright red in the sun-exposed areas to the just-turning sumac in the shaded spots (see above). Most of the other tree species on the trail are still green with just little hints of colors popping.

Another early-turned maple in Downtown.

The colors at Lake Carlos State Park are starting to display in areas with lots of exposed sunlight. The more densely wooded areas along the trails still are showing a lot of green.

 There is still some time to plan a getaway before the colors are in full swing, but there is certainly some nice colors beginning to display in the area already. Keep checking back for more updates to catch the peak of colors. Above you will find some additional information on fall colors from the Minnesota DNR and what effects the colors displays from year to year. Luckily for this year, the conditions thus far have been favorable for a spectacular season for autumn hues!  Have fun, stay connected and keep Exploring!

James is the Executive Director for Explore Alexandria Tourism and is a hiking, biking and outdoor enthusiast.

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