Alexandria Area’s Winter Activities in the Great Outdoors

November 6, 2019    //    James Feist


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Most of us know how AMAZING summer and autumn is in Alexandria, Minnesota. Outdoor adventures are plentiful with over 300 lakes, numerous public parks and miles and miles of different types of trails. Just as the seasons turn and change, so does the many changing faces of all that outdoor fun! You’ll be amazed at the unique opportunities Winter possesses in Alexandria, MN. Here is a list of some great ideas to get out and Explore Winter in the Alexandria Lakes Area!

1. Ice Skating

ice skating noonan park
Photo by John Magnoski

Take a leisurely glide on the ice or get in the action with a friendly game of hockey on one of the outdoor rinks in the area! Enjoy the charm of Noonan Park, an open skating area at Legion Park and a skating area on Lake Darling.  Ice skate rentals are available at Cowing Robards

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James Feist