Fishing Season in Full Swing – Mike Frisch’s Video Update

By Explore Alexandria / May 16, 2019

Fishing in the Alexandria Lakes Area – Video Updates, Tips & Tricks by Mike Frisch


Walleye Opener Tips – Mike Frisch’s Video Update

By Explore Alexandria / May 9, 2019

Fishing in the Alexandria Lakes Area – Video Updates, Tips & Tricks by Mike Frisch


Early May Crappie Bite – Mike Frisch’s Video Update

By Explore Alexandria / May 3, 2019

Fishing in the Alexandria Lakes Area – Video Updates, Tips & Tricks by Mike Frisch


End of Ice Season Fishing Report

By Joe Scegura / April 5, 2019

What a winter it has been, but the end is in sight!   There is still 20” of ice on many of the lakes, but the condition of the ice is rather poor. Be extra cautious!  The north side accesses are getting tougher to walk on by the day.  In fact most of the north accesses […]


February Ice Fishing Update for the Alexandria Lakes Area

By Joe Scegura / February 14, 2019

My last report was all about the cold and now this one could easily be all about the snow!  We are sure getting our moneys worth out of this winter.  Snow fall after snow fall has made travel much more difficult recently.  We are getting off the roads in some areas but I think it’s […]


Late January Ice Fishing Report

By Joe Scegura / January 25, 2019

Cold, cold, cold!  We are definitely making ice now.  Travel isn’t too bad out on the lakes right now.  Trucks and wheel houses can get around most everywhere. But getting stuck is a real possibility, so stick to where others have been driving.  We did get a few inches of snow during the last storm, […]


Mid January Ice Fishing Report

By Joe Scegura / January 14, 2019

Last week we had quite a bit of slush and water coming up on the ice.  It was a combination of snow weight and melting snow, so last weekend it was a little wet out there.  Now a few days later we find ourselves with normal temperatures for January and the slush and water has […]


New Year’s Ice Fishing Update for Alexandria Lakes

By Joe Scegura / December 28, 2018

The ice fishing remains solid going into the new year!  We are catching walleye and crappie at will for the most part.  There is 12”-14” of ice on many of the lakes so many anglers have started driving half tons with wheel houses out.  As always make sure you check the ice the entire way […]


December Ice Report for Alexandria Lakes Area

By Joe Scegura / December 14, 2018

It appears we’ve switched weather patterns for November and December. A month ago we were much colder than average and now we are warmer than average.  The good news is we have 10 to 13 inches of ice across the Alexandria Area. This goes without saying, but check the ice the entire way on foot […]


Early December Ice Update

By Joe Scegura / December 3, 2018

We are just entering December and we already have small lakes with as much as 10” of ice!  Of course the larger lakes like Minnewaska, Miltona, Ida and Carlos will have far less ice and possibly still areas of open water.  With that said many of the smaller to medium sized lakes have a significant […]


Early Ice Report in Alexandria Lakes Area

By Joe Scegura / November 21, 2018

The colder than normal temperatures has the ice forming quite fast this year.  We are seeing 3”-6” of ice on many of the small to mid-sized lakes.  There have been quite a few anglers out over the past week.  They are reporting good crappie action and fair numbers of walleye.  I’m comfortable saying, we have […]


Fishing Report and Tactics for November

By Joe Scegura / November 2, 2018

Every fall seems to have its own twist.  Just when you think you know what to expect from year to year you get a fall like this.  We had our fair share of rain and much cooler temps than we would normally see for the early part of fall.  This unseasonably cool weather dropped our […]


Fall Fish Patterns in Alexandria Lakes Area

By Joe Scegura / September 28, 2018

What a difference a couple weeks can make!  Two weeks ago the heat was nearly unbearable at 7:30 in the morning… now we need heavy jackets, hats and gloves!  Along with lower air temperatures come falling water temps.  It’s truly amazing how fast animals in nature react to these cooler temps.  Almost immediately the skies […]


Decent Walleye bite as Bass frenzy approaches

By Joe Scegura / August 31, 2018

Fall is on the horizon and the fishing is still very good.  We are catching good numbers of walleye, bass and panfish.  Generally, by this time of year the walleye bite will get hit and miss, but it’s about as consistent as it can get right now.  We are catching eater sized walleye as well […]


Late Summer Update and Finding the Fish

By Joe Scegura / August 7, 2018

We are still catching walleye along with a good number of crappie, sunfish and bass.  The walleye bite has best in the evenings, but the day bite has been very good at times too.  The rest of the species are usually willing to bite all day long. Finding the fish is always the key to […]


Hungry Fish in their Summer Patterns

By Joe Scegura / July 16, 2018

  We are well into the summer patterns at this point and the fish are hungry.  Sunfish, crappie, bass and northern have been fairly aggressive.  The walleye fishing also remains good, but the best time to catch them has been during the low light time periods.  Early morning and evening have produced a lot of […]

Huge walleye released - Alexandria MN

Hot Summer Bite in the Alexandria Lakes Area

By Joe Scegura / June 22, 2018

The fishing around the Alexandria area remains strong.  The bass, northern and panfish seem to bite at will on almost every lake right now.  The walleye on the other hand have been a bit more hot and cold. One night the walleye are jumping in the boat and the next you have to work for […]


Terrific Bite for 2018 Fishing Opener!

By Joe Scegura / May 16, 2018

The Alexandria Lakes Area arguably produced the best “Opener Walleye Fishing” in the state this past weekend.  There were numerous lakes, big and small, that treated their anglers very well.  Limits of 15”-20” walleye were had by many, along with a decent number of fish going 25”-30”.  Our group was among the fortunate and we […]


Ice Out on Alexandria Area Lakes

By Joe Scegura / May 4, 2018

This year’s late ice out has to have broken some records.  Believe it or not we were on the ice sleeping overnight with a truck and an Ice castle only a couple weeks ago! Now with the ice gone for the most part, we have just over a week to wait until the MN walleye […]


Giant Crappies in Alexandria Lakes

By Joe Scegura / April 20, 2018

This is going to just be a quick report. In fact I’m on the ice right now. We have close to 30 in of ice everywhere I’ve checked.  The ice is very solid and we had the wheel house out last weekend.  The accesses are getting a little beat up now but you should be […]


Ice Fishing Update for Early April

By Joe Scegura / April 9, 2018

We are a couple weeks into spring and it appears we are still making ice in the Alexandria area.  In fact, as I type this the thermometer reads only 15 degrees!  There is still 30” of ice in most areas and the edges that were melting have all refroze.  Keep in mind it is spring […]


Extremely Good Panfish Bite in Alexandria Lakes

By Joe Scegura / March 23, 2018

Right now the fishing is as good as it gets for bluegill(sunfish) and crappie.  We have around 30 inches of quality ice on most of the lakes and vehicle travel is quite easy right now.  The 10 day forecast shows below freezing temps at night and low 40’s to low 30’s for highs, so the […]


Walleye Season Comes to an End, and Panfish Heat Up!

By Joe Scegura / March 9, 2018

The walleye season has left us once again, but not before we were able to put some final walleye on the ice!  As many anglers have a tradition to fish the opening of the walleye season, I also have a tradition to fish the last day of the walleye season.  We were able to catch […]


End of February Ice Fishing Update

By Joe Scegura / February 23, 2018

The fishing remains very good around the area.  I really can’t complain about the quality of the bite for any species.  Northern, walleye, crappie and sunfish are all going quite well right now.  I expect there to be a decent number of anglers headed out this weekend for the last couple days of the walleye/northern […]


Excellent Panfish bite in the Alexandria Lakes Area!

By Joe Scegura / February 5, 2018

  As we work our way into late season ice fishing the bite is right on track with what I’d call typical.  The walleye bite is slowing down and the panfish are stealing the show.  We have nearly two feet of great ice and almost no snow, so it’s a great year to own an […]


Plentiful Walleye, Crappie & Sunfish Action in Alexandria Lakes!

By Joe Scegura / January 19, 2018

January Starting off with Excellent Ice Fishing!

By Joe Scegura / January 8, 2018

Decent Bite of Walleye and Panfish in Alexandria Area Lakes

By Joe Scegura / December 27, 2017

Alexandria Area Lakes forming Good Ice

By Joe Scegura / December 18, 2017

Fish-able Ice Present on Some Lakes, but ALWAYS use Caution

By Joe Scegura / December 8, 2017