Panther Distillery


In 2011 Panther Distillery set up right where they were–in the heart of pristine lake country in Osakis, Minnesota. With a wealth of natural resources in their backyard, they couldn’t think of a better place to make the finest tasting spirits. Making the best whiskey and bourbon starts with the best ingredients. All of their grain comes from within 30 miles of the distillery and not only do they source locally, but their Distillers even grow the grain that goes into the spirits. Everything here is exposed to all four seasons and their spirits are no exception. Cold aging is one phase their barrels go through every year and it is one characteristic that makes our spirits unique.

Bring your friends by the distillery and learn how they make the best-tasting whiskey by hand. Then enjoy a sample of their products and check out the Gift Shop. Tours are free and they are led every half hour.

You may also drive by their Barrelhouse in Alexandria on the corner of 6th Ave East and Nokomis St.

(320) 859-2250

Panther Distillery 300 E Pike St Alexandria MN