Must-Do Summer Fun in the Lakes Area

June 21, 2019    //    James Feist


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The Alexandria Lakes Area is a prime destination for summer vacations having over 350 lakes and a plethora of outdoor recreational opportunities. There are tons of experiences and activities you simply can’t miss! To help you explore Alexandria this summer, here is a list of the Must-Do Activities:

1. Cruise the Scenic Byway

Cruise the Trail of the Glacier! The Glacial Ridge Scenic Byway is your window into the Ice Age of the past!  The rolling hills, lakes and surrounding landscapes of the area were formed by an ancient glacier that advanced and retreated over the span of 75,000-10,000 years ago. Ride the ridge by motorcycle, bicycle or in the comfort of an automobile. This officially designated Minnesota State Byway is over 220 miles of beautiful rural routes through rolling hills, lakes, woods, prairies and farmlands. There are several scenic loops and dozens of side trips along the way. The route can start in Alexandria and goes through many other towns, spanning a course of 5 counties, 4 State Parks and a birding trail.

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James Feist

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