Picnic in a Park….anyone? (with Fall Color Update)

September 16, 2014    //    James Feist


There is something to be said about enjoying a nice meal with nice people. It’s almost a guaranteed good time.  The food tastes good, the conversation is intriguing….. what could be better, right? How about all that good stuff with a dose of inspiration from the great outdoors? Yep, I’m talking about a good ‘ol fashioned PICNIC!
The autumn months are wonderful times to pack up the blanket and wicker basket for a romantic or family-fun outing. Average temps in the 60s and 70s, no humidity, minimal bugs, and beautiful fall colors to snap some pictures of the memories. If a slight chill is in the air, comfort up in your favorite sweater or hoodie!

Many area parks have playgrounds for the kids. A great incentive to be active and get the blood pumping when a chill is present in the air.


The first couple weeks of September had some great days for a picnic! This particular day we biked to Alexandria’s Farmer’s Market (goes on 3 times a week!) and got some fresh sweet corn. We then biked out to one of the area parks for a nice dinner outside.

One of the best ways to cook corn cobs is on an open-fire grill....yum!
One of the best ways to cook corn cobs is on an open-fire grill….yum!

Find nice parks for a fun fall outing on our new Autumn Guide page!  The listings will tell you what each park has to offer, like picnic tables, grills, playgrounds and more. The fall colors in the area haven’t moved too much since our last blog. The nights have been noticeably cooler since the last update, which is a good ingredient for fall color to develop!

One noticeable change along the trails... most of the sumac has turned completely red!
One noticeable change along the trails… most of the sumac has turned completely red!
Brophy boat
As you can see, there is still a lot of green to enjoy. Fall colors or not, these fishermen seemed to have some luck casting towards the shore.


While the colors are still limited to just a few isolated trees and tree tips, you can definitely anticipate some development in the coming weeks. Time to start planning your autumn adventures!



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