Chase after Numerous Fish Species in the Lakes Area

The walleye fishing in the Alexandria Lakes Area has been a little more hit-and-miss lately. We are still seeing some amazing catches coming in but there are more days here and there where the bite is a little slower for walleye. I expect this hot and cold bite to continue into October.

We are still catching good sized walleye on about every technique. The technique I choose at any given time is directly related to the type of structure that I am fishing. If I find fish in the weeds, bobbers and swimbaits work best. If I find fish on the outside weed edge, I like to use spinners and lindy rigs.

Recently I have been fishing outside weed edges with Lindy rigs and leeches.  Spinner rigs have also been producing quite a few fish. As well as trolling #5 crankbaits in the low light time periods.  On the clear bodies of water 16 to 22 feet has been best. Whereas on the dirtier lakes I’ve been seeing most of my action in 5′ to 15′ foot of water.

The majority of the walleye we are catching are 13″ to 20″ inches. On the slower days you catch a lot of smaller fish. And on the better days they are mostly 16″ to 20″ eater fish with some big picture fish mixed in.  If you find yourself on one of the slower walleye days don’t forget about the tremendous panfish we have around the area. Sunfish and crappie have been biting very frequently. As well as bass and northern pike.  This time of year it is very common to catch a wide variety of species. That makes now a great time to get new anglers young and old out on the water!

Joe Scegura is a fishing guru with years of experience and a guide for the Alexandria area lakes.

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