Early Winter Fishing Update

Winter certainly seems to have arrived! With colder than average temps and strong winds there have been very few boats out on the water.  On the nicer days it really hasn’t been too cold out there.  If you bundle up warm it’s no colder than ice fishing, only you’re in a boat!  Of course the weather would be less tolerable if the fish weren’t biting so well!

We’ve had some very good days on crappie and walleye.  The crappie have been biting pretty much all day long.  The walleye bite on the other hand has been best right before dark.  Catching  a couple dozen fish in an hour or less has been very common.  With a bite window like that it has been easy to get the kids interested. An 1/8 ounce jig and a fathead bounced off the bottom has been all that is needed.

The ice is forming fast on the smaller bodies of water though.  I would imagine there will be some anglers out this weekend already. Any of the large to medium sized bodies of water seem to be mostly open though. So this is one of the rare times of the year where you will see people in the boat and on ice at the same time.

The forecast is showing some favorable weather for the next week so I hope to get out a couple more times in the boat before I put it away.  Good luck and I will keep you up-to-date on the ice development!

James is the Executive Director for Explore Alexandria Tourism and is a hiking, biking and outdoor enthusiast.

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