Fishing Update for End of October

The fishing the past couple weeks has been very good.  I was hitting the smallmouth very hard with amazing success but I’ve recently moved onto walleye and crappie.  The smallmouth are still biting but they are now deeper than they were earlier in the month.  They will be looking for a large slow moving baits going forward.  With water temps in the high 40’s walleye and crappie on the other hand are just hitting their prime.

I’ve had good success the last couple weeks targeting suspended crappie.  The crappie have been either suspended over green weeds or suspended over deep water.  Either way they are hungry and hitting a small jig and a minnow.  Mark them with your locator and park over them.  Crappie are great eating and they are plentiful!

The walleye are also biting pretty well.  I would say the bite currently is good but not great.  I’ve had days of easy limits and other days where the bite is just ok.  The bite might still pick up but for now work the weed edges for decent action at low light time periods.  You can find walleye in just about any depth this time of year but in my experience the deeper you go, generally the smaller the fish.  I recommend 10’-25’ of water for the best sized walleye and best chance for a healthy release.

The walleye and crappie will be biting well right into November.  In fact I usually catch my largest fish of the year in November.  I understand it’s a bit cold out there for some anglers, but the extended forecast shows a chance of some warmer weather.  Keep your fingers crossed and get out when you can!  Good luck!

Joe Scegura is a fishing guru with years of experience and a guide for the Alexandria area lakes.

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