2012 Fishing Opener

June 15, 2012    //   

huge walleye

The walleye bite in the Alexandria area since 2012 fishing opener has been one of the best I can remember.  I’m not talking about just one or two lakes either, there are at least 8 lakes I know of that are kicking out nice sized walleye.  Sure we’ve had days where the bite has been slower, but (knock on wood) there’s always been plenty of fish coming to the boat.  Even with the frequent storm activity we’ve had the fish are still very catchable.

One thing my guides and I have found is that in a cold front condition, such as after a thunderstorm, the fish will bite much lighter.  Yesterday I think we missed 30 walleye due to short bites.  We still boated 30 walleye 13”-20”, with one 27.5” (7.5lbs +) walleye, but we had to give them 10-15 seconds to eat the bait before setting the hook.  Where on pre-storm or consistent weather the fish will be much more aggressive and we might not have to give them any time at all.

We’ve been having our best luck in 12-20 feet of water.  There are plenty of green weeds popping up so they have been a main focus for me.  If I can find weeds and bait with my locator it’s almost guaranteed the fish won’t be far away.  For lures we’ve been using Lindy rigs, spinners rigs and bobber rigs.  For bait, leeches and night crawlers have been the best producers.

I get asked frequently, “With so many lakes to choose from in the Alexandria area, how do you know where to start?”.  Well for the most part I rely on fishing as many lakes as possible, but if I didn’t have that option I’d use the DNR lake finder.  The DNR posts stocking and test net numbers right on their site.  http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/lakefind/index.html  Look for lakes that have good numbers of the fish you’re interested in catching.  Once you have it narrowed down to a few options, simply pick one or look for other things that are important to you, like resorts, swimming beaches, and proximity to lodging in town.  No matter what lake you choose, you’ll always catch plenty of memories!