2014 Minnesota Fishing Opener

May 19, 2014    //   

taking the bait

It’s hard to believe it’s already been over a week since the 2014 Minnesota fishing opener, but lucky for us the fishing has been getting better by the day.  As always on opener, some anglers did excellent and others did just okay.  We saw water temps at 45-48 degrees on many of the lakes, and the fish had just finished up spawning for the most part.  The majority of the fish that were caught were in 6 foot of water or less.  Gravel and rock areas held the most fish.

We have been using mostly casting presentations.  This has helped us get away from the boat, so we don’t spook them in such shallow water.  Casting a jig and a minnow or long lining a Lindy rig has been working very well during the day.  During the evening a crank bait has been producing some very nice fish. 

As we get further past the spawn and the water continues to warm the fish will begin to push deeper.   I look for 5-12 feet of water to be a great starting depth for the upcoming holiday weekend.  I will be using the same techniques I mentioned above for at least the next couple weeks.

Check back for updates or contact me with any specific questions you might have.  Good luck fishing!