4th of July Fishing Report

July 9, 2015    //   


The fishing over the Holiday weekend was excellent!  The weather was great and the fish were hungry. The past couple weeks has been some of the best fishing of the year for me. I’ve heard reports of all species being very aggressive. Even on my evening trips it’s common to get numerous species.

The majority of the walleye have moved to the outside weed edges in 18-22’. If you have good electronics I would drive until you read fish.  I might drive around at 3-5mph for two hours before I ever drop a line on a new body of water. Or I’ll pull around #5-#7 crank baits while I’m looking for fish on my locator. If I see 4-5 nice marks on my locator I’ll stop and fish that area with Lindy rigs tipped with leeches or night crawlers.

If you don’t have much for electronics I’d concentrate my efforts on the outside weed edge of points and sand bar breaks. If you don’t catch anything after a pass or two keep moving. Pull Lindy rigs at .1-.5mph, spinners at .9-1.2mph, or crank baits at 2-2.5mph. I could go on for hours but each one of these presentations has their time and place based off what my locator tells me.

Right at sunset and sunrise will be your prime fishing times. Good luck and check back soon for more info!