Aggressive Bite Still Going on the Ice

March 10, 2017    //    Joe Scegura



The ice is still holding up quite well around the Alexandria lakes area.  If we keep getting these cold snaps we should have fishable ice for a couple weeks or more yet.  Currently, many of our lakes have very good ice conditions with a quality 12”-15”+ of ice.  Any place there is running water of course there is open water, but that still leaves the other 99% of the water frozen and ready for fishing.  I have no doubt there will be a truck or two out on the ice this weekend, but I recommend ATV’s or walking the remainder of the ice season.


Being we have a wide variety of lakes in our area you will be able to find fish as shallow as a few feet and also still in the deep basins in 30+’ of water.  The nice thing is the fish are fairly aggressive, so finding them is really your only hurdle.  I’ve been catching all of my fish on #12 Lindy toads and a wax worm or euro larva.  Color hasn’t made any difference for me, but the Lindy Toad is a great jig.  You will notice right away that it’s unique hook design will allow you to hook many more fish.


I check the ice frequently, so have no worries about driving up here for a weekend of fishing.  We have plenty of ice for the upcoming week.   In fact we are making more ice as we speak!  Good luck and let me know if you have any questions and I’ll do my best to answer them quickly.  Good luck!





Joe Scegura