Fishing For Walleye

July 1, 2014    //   

Fishing for Walleye

The past month has been a bit of a rollercoaster ride.  We started off with an excellent bite as usual for early June, boating many very good sized walleye.  With some very large walleye mixed in that were 25”-29”.  The fish were showing preference to leeches and crawlers pulled at a faster speed.  Fish were schooled up tightly on weed lines, rock humps and other various structures.  Everything appeared to be on track for some fantastic June fishing.      Then the stretch of rainy/stormy weather hit.  I think it was a combination of very warm temps, mayfly hatches and strong rain storms causing large amounts of runoff that mixed the fish up a bit.  The fish were still schooled tightly, but they would just downright refuse to bite at times.  No matter what presentation or bait you tried the fish would just look at it. 


This was a bit frustrating because many anglers have come accustomed to the almost guaranteed good fishing June usually brings.  But, as usual with unsteady weather patterns, if you stick it out the bite will turn around.  It was a long 7-10 days but the hot fishing is back!  We are seeing great catches of all species this past week. Walleye, bluegills, crappie, bass, northern and even muskie have been very active.

The walleye have been active in a variety of depths, but 15-25 feet has been the preferred depth.  Lindy rigs or bobbers with leeches have been doing very well.  Tall standing cabbage weeds will hold a wide variety of fish.  Fishing in or around them can yield very good results this time of year.  This week I have caught northern, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, rock bass, sunfish and walleye all mixed together in the same weed areas.

Barring any major weather disturbances, we should see some excellent fishing for the holiday weekend and the following weeks.  So, bring the rods along and get those kids out fishing!