Alexandria Lakes Area on the Brink of Peak Fall Colors!

October 5, 2017    //    James Feist


If you are looking to take in all the glory of autumn colors….GET READY! The Alexandria Lakes Area should be reaching peak fall color very soon! It’s difficult to predict exactly when the peak will be, but we know the colors are looking great right now and are accelerating in their rate of change. (Click here to see last week’s color update) Mid October is looking like a great time to explore, along with this upcoming weekend. The range of color progression is somewhere between 50-75% depending on where you are, with the more densely wooded areas showing more green on the leaves than out in the open. For suggestions on places to gander, check out our List of Great Places to Enjoy Fall Colors. The following photos were taken the first week in October, and you can see the great colors displaying currently:

A perfect time to catch a blend of leaves both on the ground and on the trees!

Very nice colors currently showing at Kensington Runestone Park around Star Lake.

Lots of maples at Kensington Runestone Park are showing a wide range color….yellows, reds, orange and still a little green!

Portion of the Hidden Lake Trail at Lake Carlos State Park. Beautiful colors popping along this entire trail!

You’ll see plenty of colorful scenes like this starting to show along the Glacial Ridge Scenic Byway west and north of Alexandria.

A beautiful time of year to do some pedaling!

A couple shots of a beautiful row of trees nestled among Hidden Lake.

Gorgeous color along the Maple-Basswood Trail at Lake Carlos State Park.

Getting deep in the woods on the Maple-Basswood Trail glows with color!

While it looks like the peak for color is right around the corner, there is still lots of green at Kensington Runestone Park.

Which way to go?! Either way you won’t be disappointed. Nice areas to explore right off the main road at Lake Carlos State Park.

The best view of the autumn hues is on the water!

Lake Carlos along the Hidden Lake Trail.

Many of the leaves at the tips of the trees are falling, but still among a green backdrop in many places. Should be a long fall color season at Kensington Runestone Park!

 The almost-full moon on the evening of October 4th, 2017.

Even if you happen to miss the proclaimed “peak”, there will be plenty of late-turning trees to enjoy and, of course, the scattering of colors all over the ground! Have fun, stay connected and keep Exploring!



James Feist