Fall Colors Progressing Beautifully in Alexandria Lakes Area

September 28, 2017    //    James Feist


The autumn season is turning out to be absolutely delightful in the lakes area! The weather has been summer-like for a large portion and now it looks like the fall temps between 60s-70s will be here for a while to accompany the beautiful autumn hues. Grab your sweatshirts, hot pumpkin spice drinks and pull up to the warm, crackling campfire! The first color update of the season noted colors beginning to show at the beginning of September, the second fall color update showed some nice colors popping the area around the 10-25% changed mark, and now we are starting to see very nice scenery as the colors continue to progress towards peak!
I’m guessing we are currently about 30-35% changed (with some parks are a little further behind in the 25% range) so early into mid October should be awesome for leaf peeping! As you can see in the following pictures there are still lots of green backdrops in the scenes, but nice color popping nonetheless.

Central Lakes Trail

The Central Lakes Trail is currently displaying nice colors around the Alexandria area. As you can see in this shot of the bridge by Lake Cowdry, yellows are popping out to blend into a nice scene with the red sumac and the slowly changing greens!

Gotta love the leaves crunching under your tires! Looking good near Garfield!

Many spots of the trail currently have the red sumac near peak or slightly past peak, depending on the area, but showing great red hues!

Lake Carlos State Park

Lake Carlos State Park is currently displaying a wide range of color from areas like this on the Maple-Basswood Trail, to other areas with slower changes showing.

As you can see here there is still lots of green among some early changers along the Hidden Lake Trail.

Lots of the sumac around the park is at peak, displaying vibrant reds!

Deeper in the woods on the Maple-Basswood Trail.

The sections of trail with more sun exposure are a little further along than the more densely wooded sections.

 Kensington Runestone Park

Kensington Runestone Park has lots of great trails and diverse tree species for excellent color in the fall. Most of the densely wooded areas are still very green.

Happy trails!

A little yellow starting to pop along the trail by Eng lake.

Still a couple more weeks before this park’s peak and vibrant colors from all the sugar maples.

Lake Geneva!

The Glacial Ridge Trail Scenic Byway is a great way to cover a lot of areas to take in the autumn hues. Many areas like this one are starting to look very colorful!

Fun to see the monarchs still around. Pretty soon these ones will be migrating south!

Areas within the City are seeing great color already and are a little further ahead of the wooded parks.

As of right now it looks like the first few weeks of October will be around the peak for falls color in the area. Although, if you went out now to chase the colors you would see plenty! If you happen to miss the peak, there is still plenty of late turners to enjoy, like red oaks, and of course all the colorful leaves on the ground! Don’t forget to also click here view Great Places to Enjoy Fall Colors in the Area! Have fun, Stay Connected and Keep Exploring!



James Feist