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Turn that Winter Frown, Upside Down!

By James Feist / November 10, 2014

Here in Minnesota, it’s bound to happen sooner or later. Yep, I’m talking about winter. Sure, the Alexandria lakes area is AMAZING in the summer. Hundreds of lakes to enjoy, great bike trails along with countless other ways to get outside and be active. Well, I’m here to tell you that you can still be […]


Warm Weather and Fall Fishing

By / October 27, 2014

  The last few weeks have made this October the warmest I can remember. As enjoyable as the weather was, it was bittersweet for me.  The warm sunny days kept the water from cooling off like it usually does this time of year.  The water is still in the 50’s, where it usually is in […]


Spooktacular Halloween Happenings in Alexandria

By James Feist / October 22, 2014

It’s that time of year again! Ghosts and goblins begin to run amok in celebration of the end of harvest and the shortening of daylight, which installs the seasonal chill. To most of us, Halloween is simply an unsentimental holiday strictly about harmless fun and treats. Luckily for Alexandria, there is no need to worry […]


Excellent Fall Colors at Lake Carlos State Park

By James Feist / September 30, 2014

  Considering all the lakes and trees around Alexandria, it’s difficult to say exactly where the best fall colors are located around the area. However, after visiting Lake Carlos State park over the weekend, I’m convinced that this must be one of them! Sure, camping is always fun at the park, but it is close […]


Paddling the Chain of Lakes in a Canoe

By James Feist / September 25, 2014

In case you didn’t know, there are about 351 lakes around Alexandria in Douglas County. If that isn’t awesome enough, over a dozen of these lakes around the city are connected in “chains.” If you ask me, that sounds like a paddler’s paradise!   The lakes vary greatly in terms of size, depth, accessibility and […]


Discounts on an Autumn Golf Get-Away

By James Feist / September 22, 2014

Whether you call it Autumn or Fall, one thing is certain…’s here! The autumn months are very popular times to get outdoors and have some fun. It might be because we are squeezing in every chance we can to get outdoors, or perhaps we seek the undeniable beauty of the colorful fall foliage. Most of […]


Picnic in a Park….anyone? (with Fall Color Update)

By James Feist / September 16, 2014

There is something to be said about enjoying a nice meal with nice people. It’s almost a guaranteed good time.  The food tastes good, the conversation is intriguing….. what could be better, right? How about all that good stuff with a dose of inspiration from the great outdoors? Yep, I’m talking about a good ‘ol […]


The Beginnings of Autumn Beauty (with Fall Color Update)

By James Feist / September 2, 2014

Now that Labor Day is over and school is in session for most of the country, there is concrete certainty for the arrival of autumn. Although the official beginning of fall is marked on September 22nd during the autumnal equinox, the celebration of Labor Day is commonly linked to the last blast of summer fun. […]


A Beautiful Central Lakes Trail Bike Ride

By James Feist / August 22, 2014

If you’ve ever explored the Central Lakes Trail around Alexandria, it’s no secret how many opportunities for adventure it holds. Spanning 55 miles from Fergus Falls, through Alexandria and to Osakis, there is an overwhelming sense of freedom to know you could go on for hundreds of miles. Luckily for the Alexandria area, there are […]