Easy Spring Adventures at Lake Carlos State Park

April 23, 2015    //    James Feist

Carlos spring fish

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As if it wasn’t enough to have a long and spectacular autumn season around Alexandria, spring arrives early this year and graces us with summer-like weather! Sure, the nights are a bit colder than summer, but the opportunities to Explore have been a joy with many high temps ranging from the upper 50s to 70s. By the time summer ‘officially’ begins, many of us will already have had over 2 months of activity under our belts! Anglers have already been fishing open water both from shore and from boats with the ice completely off the lakes! Check out our latest fishing blog for more information on this early spring bite.
Of course we think about outdoor adventures in the summertime, but people often overlook the opportunities and beauty that spring has to offer. In my opinion, the best thing about Exploring Alexandria in the spring are the wonderful lake, landscape and wildlife views you can see without the presence of leaves on the trees. This certainly makes the views along the Central Lakes Trail something not to miss. Rolling glacial hills and hidden lakes in the distance really brings perspective to how unique the area is…. check out another recent blog about early spring bike riding on the trail.

For this spring adventure I dusted off the hiking boots and went to Lake Carlos State Park to enjoy the many miles of trails and scenic beauty. The park is only a short jaunt north of Alexandria so it’s a perfect low-maintenance outdoor destination to enjoy. Even though I roughed it and slept in a tent through a 40 degree night, a better idea for this time of year may be to stay overnight in one of our comfortable hotels, enjoy the park adventure during the day and be back in town for a wonderful meal at one of our many great restaurants! Just as I had thought, my spring adventure at Lake Carlos State Park delivered some beautiful views and made great memories. No surprise since the park is on the list for one of the 7 Wonders of Alexandria!  Enjoy the pictures and remember to have fun, stay connected and keep Exploring!

LC Trail sign
Started off on the Maple Basswood Trail. This trail has informational markers along the way , and connects with the larger network of park trails. Over 14 miles to Explore!
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