Ice is Out and Crappie are in!

April 16, 2015    //   

ice out on the lakes

The ice went out much quicker this year than average. Mild temps coupled with high winds melted ice in days that should have taken weeks. This early start to spring is a nice change from the past couple years where the ice didn’t decide to leave until May!

This early ice out will allow local anglers to take advantage of the excellent crappie bite that happens every spring. The past couple years the crappie were just starting to bite when walleye fishing opened in early May. The walleye is Minnesota’s most popular fish so it usually overshadows the crappie bite no matter how good it is. This year anglers will have a few weeks to chase crappie before they have to clutter their minds with visions of trophy walleye.

With the last of the ice getting blown off the lakes this past weekend the shallow bays are starting to warm nicely. The bays located on the north side of the lakes will warm the quickest. The ideal bay is 1-3 feet deep with a mucky black bottom. The crappie will flock to these areas in search of food. A small 1/32oz-1/64oz jig, like Lindy Little Nipper tipped with a crappie minnow. Set the jig about 18-24” under a float and this is all you need to catch some nice crappie in the spring.

There are already reports of a half dozen or more lakes putting out eater sized crappie so this weekend would be a great time to get the boat wet and do some fishing or just grab a pole and fish from shore. You can hop from lake to lake on sunny afternoon until you find the hot bite. There are few things more enjoyable than relaxing with the family on the lake!



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