Fall Fishing Trends in Alexandria

September 10, 2012    //   

nice walleye

In the last month fishing has been quite productive for most species in the Alexandria area.  Bass, northern, crappie and bluegill have all bit well, but walleye on the other hand have been more hit and miss.  Don’t get me wrong, there were certainly stretches where the walleye bit very well, but overall the bite was inconsistent.  One day the fishing was hot, and the next the best of fisherman could be humbled.  Not only were the walleye biting inconsistently, but what they preferred to eat was also changing frequently. I had times where they wanted leeches, night crawlers and minnows at different times throughout the same day.  It was rare for a particular presentation and bait type to produce for more than a few days at a time.

These inconsistencies are typical for this time of year, especially while fishing walleye.  Warm water temps and the fact that the fish are slowly transitioning into their fall patterns are both to blame.  That’s why the fall-like temperatures moving in are more than welcome.  This cool air will cause the water temps to plummet, and as usual, the fish will officially move into their fall patterns.

Depending on your favorite species, “fall pattern” could mean different things. In general, fish will show a preference for minnows and a lot of them!  They will feel the need to eat, and eat often, so they can put on weight to get through the difficult winter ahead.

My favorite fish to target in the fall are smallmouth and walleye.  Both of these fish feed extremely heavy in the fall, trading in their slender summer bodies for something resembling a football. (How appropriate as we head into football season!) Over the next two months, as these fish prepare for winter, we will have the luxury to catch either of these species at will.  Smallmouth fishing generally peaks in the last two weeks of September, followed by the peak walleye bite in mid October.  Casting or jigging a minnow or minnow style bait is about all you have to do this time of year to catch fish.

Keep in mind when planning your fall trip to Alexandria that we have much more than great fishing.  We also have dozens of hiking and biking trails winding across the lakes area where you can enjoy the beautiful fall colors.  Not to mention many of the lodging facilities offer fall rates. If you’re looking for a great getaway that has something for everyone, look no further than Alexandria!

(For more detailed fishing information please listen to my weekly fishing reports by clicking the link above or by going to www.lindyfishingtackle.com)



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