Getting Started in Golf

July 2, 2018    //    Grant Hanson

Golfers Feet

If you didn’t grow up playing golf or have never played golf before it can be very intimidating.  Am I able to come to the course without being a member? How do I learn to play golf? What do I wear? When can I play…do I need to call in advance? What kind of clubs should I get? Can I play by myself?  These are all questions that I have heard over the years and many of these are common questions anyone may have when starting a new hobby or doing something they are not familiar with.

The first step is to get your hands on some golf clubs because it is very had to play without them!  You do not need to spend a fortune and get the best clubs on the market if you are trying it out for the first time.  Ask a friend or family member that plays golf and they probably have a couple old clubs lying around that you can use.  If this doesn’t work call a couple golf courses, visit a garage sale or search the internet and you will be able to find some for a reasonable price.  Golfers are obsessed with new equipment, so there should be plenty of used clubs out there for you.

Once you get your hands on some equipment it is time to start swinging.  One of the nice things about golf is you can work on your game almost anywhere.  If you buy a couple plastic golf whiffle balls you can take swings in your backyard while you are waiting for your grill to heat up.  Finding a local driving range is another great place to start swinging.   Learning to swing the golf club can be a tough task.  Signing up for some lessons through a local golf course or driving range will help you pick up the game much faster.  You could also watch some instructional videos online to get the gist of it but I would definitely recommend getting some instruction to help the process along.  Recently, the PGA (Professional Golf Association) has created a new campaign to help people get over the hurdle to start golfing.  These programs address all of the questions you might have and make it very simple to start playing.  Click here to be redirected to their Get Golf Ready campaign and find a program near you.

Golf Swing Sequence

After you feel comfortable swinging the golf club it is time to go out on the course and give it a try.  Call ahead to the golf course and ask them what times are the least busy (usually the evenings).  This way you will not feel rushed and can be more comfortable playing.  Also ask them if they have a dress code.  When you are on the course HAVE FUN.  Do not get too concerned or overwhelmed about score or how you are hitting it.  You are new to the game so just enjoy your good shots.  If you are frustrated on a hole or it is going bad…pick up and go to the next.

Enjoy the process!  It can be frustrating to play but if you remember it is just a game it will be much easier.  Too many people get frustrated and end up quitting because of it.  Chances are you are not going to be a professional golfer so just relax and have fun!



Grant Hanson

Grant Hanson is the Director of Golf at Geneva Golf Club in Alexandria, Minnesota. Grant was a captain and a stand out golfer for the Alexandria Cardinals golf team. Grant went on to play for four years at St Cloud State University, where he competed in the NCAA National Championship.

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