Why Start Playing Golf? This is Why!

August 7, 2019    //    Grant Hanson


The popularity of golf in the United States has varied greatly over the years.  It was once extremely popular to be a member of a golf club even if you were not a golfer.  While times have changed dramatically since this was the case, there are still many reasons you need to start playing.  From business reasons to your personal health, we will explore a few of reasons why you should start playing golf!

Lifetime Sport

Golf is a lifetime sport and one that you can play for many years.  Many sports and hobbies people have become harder, if not impossible, to play or participate in as you get older.  This is not the case with golf.  Many people are able to play golf very late in their life.  Staying active and having a hobby later in your life might not be your number one priority right now but I urge you to imagine what will be consuming your time once you have to hang up playing in adult basketball, hockey or softball league.  I have watched many people over the years find joy in having a place to come day in and day out after they have retired.

Social Aspect

Whether you are new to town or are just interested in meeting new people in your community, the golf course is one of the easiest places to accomplish this.  Golf courses around the country have leagues, tournaments and events that everyone is welcome to participate in regardless of your ability.  A common misconception in golf is that these events are only geared towards competition.  If you reach out to your local course you will be surprised to hear that many leagues and events main purpose is to socialize and to have fun.


For many years this was a major reason people learned to play golf.  I have heard countless people talk about how much business gets done on a golf course.  Over the years there have been less and less people preaching about playing golf for business reasons and I can assure you this is not the right attitude.  The relationships that are formed on a golf course are amazing and can do wonders for your business.  Getting involved in a weekly league is some of the best advertising you can do.  Each week you are paired with new people and spend anywhere from 2 to 4 hours (roughly) playing golf with this new group.  A lot of conversations occur in that time frame.  People like to and feel comfortable doing business with people they know.  Getting to know a whole golf league is a big deal!


Fresh air and being outside can do wonders for your health.  In an age where the majority of our time is staring at a screen it is important to make time to stay active and enjoy the outdoors.  Being healthy seems to be more popular than ever and the calories burned while playing golf may surprise you.  Walking 18 holes of golf will burn almost 1500 calories!  If you decide to ride you will still burn almost 900 calories playing 18 holes.  This is an amazing stat because so often golf is not considered exercise.


Golf is fun!  It can be tough to pick up right away but once players give it a true shot many find themselves addicted.  Seeing improvement and the challenge of the game will keep you coming back.  Every round is different and every hole has different challenges.  Golf is constantly changing and keeping you entertained.


I could keep going with reason after reason but you need to come try it for yourself!  Call your local golf course and find out how to get involved.   If you are convinced and want to start playing check out my article Getting Started in Golf.



Grant Hanson

Grant Hanson is the Director of Golf at Geneva Golf Club in Alexandria, Minnesota. Grant was a captain and a stand out golfer for the Alexandria Cardinals golf team. Grant went on to play for four years at St Cloud State University, where he competed in the NCAA National Championship.

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