Ice Beginning to Form on Area Lakes

December 8, 2016    //    Joe Scegura



It’s been a long wait for some of us.  Too cold for many to fish from a boat but not cold enough to make ice.  The wait is almost over! We have had very cold temps this week, but it’s been too windy to make ice on most bodies of water.  That is until last night when we had some calmer winds.  Nearly every body of water around the Alexandria area froze over last night.  Now if we can hold off any measurable snow for a week or so we should be in good shape.  The ice will form extremely fast with the projected forecast, you can expect 1-2” a night.  At that rate there will probably be some anglers out this weekend.  By next weekend I expect the ice fishing season to be in full swing.  Check back for frequent updates as the ice is forming.


Recommended early ice gear.

*Ice picks

*Life Jacket



*Most important, a partner


With the above gear slowly check the ice thickness in your area.  After the ice thickness you plan to fish has been verified you can relax and enjoy your time on the ice.  Taking these precautions the first time you fish an area is essential to being safe.  Remember even the Pros aren’t above wearing safety gear the first time out.  Check back frequently for ice thickness updates! Be safe!



Joe Scegura