Lower Your Handicap & Improve Your Golf Score Quickly

June 19, 2019    //    Grant Hanson


Lowering your handicap or improving your score when playing golf can seem like an impossible task.  For many golfers it doesn’t matter how many rounds they play or what they try their scores do not drop.  This can be frustrating but with a different approach it can change!

Lots of amateur golfers spend time practicing the wrong areas of their game and this may be why they do not see improvements.  If you are looking to lower your score, do not spend your time on the driving range whacking drivers until your hands bleed…..this will not help.  Instead, spend your time working on your short game and shots from 125 and closer to the green.

When working on shots from 125 and closer it is important to figure out distances.  As a kid growing up playing I spent a ton of time learning to hit shots from 125, 100 and 75 yards.  Getting these distances down and understanding how to hit it consistently on the green from these yards helped my game dramatically.  If you feel comfortable from these distances you will see results in your scores.  To work on these shots you can spend time on the driving range hitting to distance markers, you can also pace off these yardages on a wedge range or in an open field if you have access to one.

The short game of golf is considered an art form and any great artist takes time to practice the craft.  Chipping and putting is not something that should be looked over if you want to improve your game.  A high percentage of the shots taken in a round are from right around the green.  This means you have a good opportunity to lower your score right here.  A bonus of practicing chipping and putting is that it will cost you nothing but your time.  Most public facilities will allow you to come chip and putt on their practice facilities for free.  These practice facilities are usually fairly quiet because, as I stated earlier, most golfers like to bang the driver instead of working on their short game.  Practice chipping with different clubs (8 irons, 9 irons, gap wedge, sand wedge) because using a 60 degree or lob wedge can give the average golfer fits.  Chipping with 8 irons is a much more reliable shot if you are having problems chunking or blading your chips.

Spend your time on the areas that count and enjoy the process!


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Grant Hanson

Grant Hanson is the Director of Golf at Geneva Golf Club in Alexandria, Minnesota. Grant was a captain and a stand out golfer for the Alexandria Cardinals golf team. Grant went on to play for four years at St Cloud State University, where he competed in the NCAA National Championship.