Decent Walleye bite as Bass frenzy approaches

August 31, 2018    //    Joe Scegura

25'' Walleye (Released)

Fall is on the horizon and the fishing is still very good.  We are catching good numbers of walleye, bass and panfish.  Generally, by this time of year the walleye bite will get hit and miss, but it’s about as consistent as it can get right now.  We are catching eater sized walleye as well as some very nice sized picture fish.  The bass are right on track though and starting to group up for their fall feeding binge.  Over the next six weeks I will be chasing trophy smallmouth bass.  In that time, we will catch 100’s and 100’s of smallmouth and hopefully many of trophy caliber.  Some of the best fishing of the year is nearly upon us.

I’ve been finding most of my walleye in 15’-25’ foot of water (the 30.5” walleye came from 20’) Spinners, Lindy rigs, crank baits, bobbers, and jigs have all been producing fish lately.  I’m not going to say they all work all of the time, but it seems every report I hear is of someone using a different presentation.  This time of year, when you can find fish both shallow and deep its can be a bit overwhelming.  First you have to decide on a lake, then a location and lastly a technique.  The good thing is the fish are hungry and are not afraid to track down a fast-moving bait.  This makes covering water to find fish much easier.  In a month the techniques will be much more limited and most will involve a much slower presentation.  For now, get out there with your favorite technique and keep moving.  Once you find some fish try different techniques until you find their flavor of the week.

If walleye fishing isn’t your thing or you have anglers with less patience I’d recommend smallmouth bass!  We have one of the best smallmouth bass fisheries in the country right here in Central MN.  You can catch these fish anytime of the year, but over the next two months they will go on a feeding binge like no other time of the year.  They will gorge themselves until they are football shaped and they will still think they have room to eat your bait.  I prefer to fish areas with a hard bottom, so gravel breaks or rock piles fit the bill.  Cast your favorite minnow style bait near these areas and work them back to the boat slowly.  Top water and subsurface both work well, but some days one will outshine the other, so always try both.  Oh, and don’t forget to hang on!  These fish arguably fight harder pound for pound than any another fish!

This summer has been one to remember, but I’m just as excited for what is yet to come.  If you have any questions about the area as always feel free to email me anytime!



Joe Scegura