Early March Ice Update


The ice fishing walleye season has come and gone once again.  Being the season is really only 2-3 months long it does seem to fly by for most anglers.  I know my family was sad to see it go, but that only means we are closer to the spring walleye opener!  There’s always something to look forward to when you fish in MN.  For example, I now get to chase big crappie and sunfish until May!

The walleye fishing last weekend was still quite good.  Generally walleye fishing in the late season can be a little slow, but for the second year in a row we finished the year strong!  We were able to catch a large quantity of eater sized walleye as well as releasing some small and large walleye.  Our best baits all year have been plain #4 hooks and minnows set 6”-12” off of the bottom.  Jigging spoons with a small fathead have also produced quite well.

My family and I really enjoy spending the weekend’s together out in the fish house.  Catching fish and playing games is a great way to spend the winter months as a family.  We truly can’t wait for next December to start it all over again!  Until then we will make plenty of memories on the ice yet this year, as well as fishing out of the boat this summer.

There is still a lot of very good ice in the Alexandria area.  Any lakes that have large amounts of water running through them are the first to go open water.  Also on that list of first ice to melt are shallow rocky areas and accesses on the north side of lakes.  These areas draw in the heat from the spring sun and start melting the ice first.  Some of the shoreline edges are pulled away a foot or two, but the main sheet of ice on most lakes is around 15”-20” thick.  Like I always say each lake is different and you need to check conditions for yourself.  I personally have noticed the best ice on the bigger lakes, but I have yet to find a lake you can’t walk on.  To give you an idea how good the ice is, there are lakes I would have no problem driving on right now.  Just to be safe I’d recommend ATV travel or walking.  I’ll keep checking ice conditions every week, but for now I’m predicting a few more weeks of ice fishing.  Good luck!

As always, contact me if you have and specific questions.  I’ve been getting quite a few inquiries about certain lakes and recommendations, so feel free to ask!  That’s why I’m here!





Joe Scegura is a fishing guru with years of experience and a guide for the Alexandria area lakes.

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  1. Hi, we are coming up on Friday and staying on Lake Mary. How is the ice? Can we ice fish with a portable? ATV’s?

  2. The south access on Little Mary would be best. There are places where the ice has pulled away from shore but the ice itself is still in good shape. I will check the south access for you later today and get a current ice thickness. I should have the update for you by 6:00 tonight. Joe

  3. Little Mary has 15″ of pretty decent ice where I drilled. You could drive a truck on the south access (I don’t recommend it but you could) Plenty good for ATV travel. Watch areas close to shore or shallow areas in between big and Little Mary. Have fun!

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