Happy 2015 Walleye Opener Eve Everyone!

May 8, 2015    //   

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Happy 2015 walleye opener eve everyone!  The weather for Saturday looks as promising as the walleye fishing.  The water on many of the shallower lakes has warmed to nearly 60deg, so I predict the walleye will be quite aggressive.  In years past when the water was this warm on opener the walleye have bit very well on many different lakes.  The crappie and sunfish have also been biting well so there are a lot of options for fishing this weekend.

Even though the water is warm, the walleye will still be shallow and minnow style baits will be the top producers.  Saturday morning I will be using a 1/4oz jig tipped with a minnow or a plain Lindy rig with a minnow.  Concentrate your efforts on shallow sand, rock or gravel areas in 7-15 fow.  This is where the majority of the fish will be caught Saturday.

(Tip: Always choose the windy side of the lake.  The water clarity will be lower in these areas and the bait will be more disoriented.  Fish are very opportunistic, so that’s why fishing in the wind will put more walleye in your boat!)

If you plan to fish after dark I’d use a crank bait near moving water.  Walleye will move into these areas under the cover of darkness to feed on the spawning minnows.  A shallow crank bait will imitate these minnows perfectly and will allow you to cover a lot of water.  This is a great time to catch a trophy fish.  Almost every one of my trophy fish caught in the spring was caught in the middle of the night casting a crank bait.  So, if you have the drive to catch a big fish set the alarm clock for midnight and get out there early!

Many out of state anglers ask me, “why is the MN opener such a big deal to Minnesotans”?  My answer is always the same, “tradition”!  It’s a time for family and friends to enjoy the outdoors together as well as catch some tasty walleye.  Bringing in the new walleye season with family is a tradition I’ve enjoyed for over 25 years and I don’t plan to miss one anytime soon!  Good luck everyone!

Note: Walleye pictures are from previous years, but check back soon for walleye pictures from 2015!



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