December Ice Report for Alexandria Lakes Area

December 14, 2018    //    Joe Scegura

Walleye Catch

It appears we’ve switched weather patterns for November and December. A month ago we were much colder than average and now we are warmer than average.  The good news is we have 10 to 13 inches of ice across the Alexandria Area. This goes without saying, but check the ice the entire way on foot prior to driving an ATV or small vehicle. Always use caution on early ice!

There have been a lot of anglers out fishing the past couple weeks. The permanent house villages are popping up all over the place. There has been a good number of crappies, Sunfish and walleye being caught.  The best walleye and crappie fishing has been in the low light time periods. A couple hours at sunrise and sunset is your best probability of catching either species.

I’ve been finding my walleye in 18 to 24 feet of water. Set lines with a minnow or a jigging spoon with a minnow have been catching most of my walleye.

The crappie have been in similar depths but suspended off the bottom 2 to 3 feet.  As I mentioned above the best crappie fishing has been low light but you can catch them during the day as well. I like to use a number 12 horizontal jig with a wax worm or Euro larvae. After dark the same jig and a crappie minnow under a bobber work very well.

I personally haven’t targeted Sunfish yet but I’ve heard pretty good reports from 15 foot of water. Look for areas with green vegetation. The same number 12 horizontal jig and a Euro larvae will catch your sunfish.

The weather for the upcoming weekend looks extremely nice! If you check the ice on foot the ice is very safe for travel. It’s only when you take the ice thickness for granted that you can get into trouble. Leave a little bit earlier, take your time and you will stay safe and dry! Good luck!




Joe Scegura

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