New Year’s Ice Fishing Update for Alexandria Lakes

December 28, 2018    //    Joe Scegura


The ice fishing remains solid going into the new year!  We are catching walleye and crappie at will for the most part.  There is 12”-14” of ice on many of the lakes so many anglers have started driving half tons with wheel houses out.  As always make sure you check the ice the entire way prior to driving.

We’re catching our walleye in 18’-24’ feet of water.  Some days the walleye will hammer the artificial jigging baits and other days it has to be live bait.  I usually start with a jigging spoon on one rod and a plain hook tipped with a 3” long minnow on the other rod.  If I see a strong preference to one or the other I can make adjustments from there.

The best crappie action has been in shallow basin and bay areas in 15’-20’ feet of water.  The crappie have usually been coming through 2-3 feet off bottom.  A small #12 jig tipped with a euro larva has been working very well and after dark I like to use a small crappie minnow on one of my lines.

Low light has been the best time for both species.  I like to hit the ice a couple hours before dark and fish an hour or so after dark.  We do have about 12” of snow on the ice, so it will make travel a bit more tricky.  For the most part though you should be able to get around fine.  Especially on the more popular lakes where there will be plowed roads.  Good luck and let me know if you have any questions.



Joe Scegura