Early Summer Bite Getting Hot in Alexandria Lakes Area

June 3, 2019    //    Joe Scegura

walley catch

Alexandria is noted as one of the best places to catch fish in the state.  That said, we are not even two weeks into the open water walleye season and the area is already living up to the hype.  Reports of nice walleye and crappie have been common.  Even though we’ve had some interesting weather so far, the fish have still been cooperating quite nicely.

With water temps in the mid 50’s most of the walleye are completely done spawning.  During stable weather we are catching our walleye as shallow as 9-10 feet during the day and much shallower after dark.  After rain and thunderstorms we are finding the fish much deeper,  more like 20′-25′.  All of our walleye are coming on minnows or minnow imitations.  With the stand out bait being a jig and minnow combo.

Crappie are also doing very well, but with the weather it has been more of a cat and mouse game than usual.  On hot calm days you can find them in 2-5′ of water and after a storm they will slide out to 10′-15′.  A small plastic tube jig or hair jig tipped with a crappie minnow has been working best.

With water temps still in the 50’s, I expect the fish to show a preference to minnows for at least another couple of weeks. So keep it simple; grab some minnows, fish shallow, and fish slow.  In a couple weeks baits like leeches and night crawlers will be doing much better.  At that time you’ll be able to pick up your speed considerably, but for now minnows will be the preference. If you have any specific questions let me know, otherwise good luck out there! 



Joe Scegura

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