Ice Out on Alexandria Area Lakes

May 4, 2018    //    Joe Scegura


This year’s late ice out has to have broken some records.  Believe it or not we were on the ice sleeping overnight with a truck and an Ice castle only a couple weeks ago!

Now with the ice gone for the most part, we have just over a week to wait until the MN walleye opener!  I will be looking shallow the first couple weeks for my fish.  Throwing a jig and a minnow in 6′-10′ of water with rocks and gravel should produce plenty of walleye.  Also don’t forget the areas with moving water.  These areas attract plenty of bait and the walleye won’t be far behind.  A shallow diving crank bait thrown in these areas after dark also works great!

The crappie will also be in shallow water, but in different areas of the lake.  The crappie prefer a soft bottom in 1′-5′ of water.  This bite should be kicking into high gear here very shortly.

No matter the type of fish you are after there are many places around the area where you can fish right from the road.  So, if you don’t have a boat don’t worry.  This time of year allows the shore fisherman nearly equal opportunity at some very nice fish.  I look forward to another great season with all of you!  Good luck to all!



Joe Scegura