Terrific Bite for 2018 Fishing Opener!

May 16, 2018    //    Joe Scegura


The Alexandria Lakes Area arguably produced the best “Opener Walleye Fishing” in the state this past weekend.  There were numerous lakes, big and small, that treated their anglers very well.  Limits of 15”-20” walleye were had by many, along with a decent number of fish going 25”-30”.  Our group was among the fortunate and we were able to catch enough for an afternoon feast in just a few hours!  We also had a tremendous finish to the day, boating around 150 walleye for the day.

With the mild weather we’ve had so far the water is warming fast, water temps are already nearing 60 degrees.  These temps are pushing the majority of the walleye to slightly deeper water.  We found most of our fish in 12’-18’ of water and they were hungry!  A lindy rig and a minnow or a jig and a minnow trolled at .30-.75 mph has produced a lot of fish!

The panfish bite has also been red hot.  There were many anglers that skipped walleye all together to target some of the states best panfish lakes.  They found a lot of crappie and sunfish in 3’-6’ of water.  A small hair jig and a minnow or wax worm is all that was needed to put a bunch of nice fish in the boat.  Remember these fish are very vulnerable, so please release the bigger ones to do their job and spawn.

Regardless of your target species I’m confident in saying that you shouldn’t have a problem finding what you’re after in the Alexandria Lakes Area.  The bites noted above will continue into early June before things start to transition to early summer techniques.  So, grab some minnow and come on up to get in on the action!



Joe Scegura