Early Summer Fishing Report For Alexandria

June 9, 2014    //   

nice walleye lil buddy

We started off the fishing season with below average water temps, but in just a few short weeks the water warmed quickly.  We actually saw the water temperatures jump above average for this time of year.  Normally during early June we are still using primarily minnows to catch walleye, but with water temps nearing 70 degrees the fish are already transitioning into their late spring/summer patterns.  Leeches, night crawlers and minnows have all been producing fish recently.

 Over the next week or two the walleye should start showing a preference toward leeches and crawlers, but currently they’re still undecided.  One night they will bite aggressively on leeches and the very next day they’ve reverted back to preferring minnows.  This makes it a bit difficult to know what bait to bring with you.  That’s why I usually bring a decent supply of each bait with me until I’m confident the fish have fully transitioned.

 We are finding the majority of our walleye in 8’-20’ foot of water.  Early morning and evening have been producing the most fish, but if the conditions are right we’ve seen a quality day bite as well.  With the warmer water temperatures I mentioned the fish have become more aggressive.  Faster presentations like trolling crank baits or spinners have both been working well.  Lindy rigs and jigs are still doing well too, but if you are new to a lake or find fish scattered, the faster presentations will help you locate and catch fish much quicker.

 Historically the next few weeks will produce more walleye state wide than any other time of the year, so don’t wait for the bite to slow down.  There are many lakes across the area putting out great sized walleye.  Get up to Alexandria soon and enjoy some of the best fishing Minnesota has to offer.  As always, if you have any questions feel free to email me. Good luck!